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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For 조영욱과 THE SOUNDTRACKINGS


1) South Korea 2) BZB

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For 조영욱과 THE SOUNDTRACKINGS

1) The Tree from Mount Fuji 2) My Tamako, My Sookee 3) Wedding 4) You are My Baby Miss 5) She’s Beautiful, Quite the Charmer 6) The Duchess Juliette 7) My Name is Nam Sookee 8) Spellbindingly Beautiful 9) It was Wrong to Come Here 10) A Western-style Wing Designed by an English Architect 11) Each Night in Bed I Think of Her Assets 12) Rope and Mustache 13) Losing Her Heart to a Fake 14) Feels Just Fine 15) The Sweet Things Within 16) Bounds of Knowledge 17) Wish I Had Never Been Born 18) Shall We Play Maid? 19) Fire! 20) Let Me Tell You About Our Miss Hideko 21) You Must Be a Natural 22) A Week Here... Then Finally! 23) What’s with Her? 24) Thousand Woes Under the Blue Sky 25) Sea of Bells 26) I was Going a Bit Crazy Back Then 27) Don’t You Ever Think of Running 28) She’s Totally Illiterate 29) Three White Cigarettes 30) The Greatest Pleasure 31) Five Books That I Used to Cherish 32) 후지산 아래서 온 저 나무 33) 나의 타마코, 나의 숙희 34) 결혼식 35) 공작부인 쥬리에토 36) 아가씨는 제 아기씨 37) 내 이름은 남숙희 38) 매초롬한 미인 39) 영국 건축가가 설계한 양관 40) 탁월하게 아름다운 것 41) 밧줄과 콧수염 42) 여기 오는 게 아니었는데 43) 태어나지 않았으면 좋았을 텐데 44) 좋기만 한 걸요 45) 매일 밤 자기 전에 다시 생각나는 액수 46) 가짜한테 맘을 뺏기다니 47) 우리 히데코 아가씨로 말씀드릴 것 같으면 48) 그 안에 든 달콤한 것 49) 그때 난 조금 미쳐 있어서 50) 아가씨 놀이 할까?

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