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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For 2wo

2wo was an industrial metal band formed by Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford after the break-up of his first solo project, Fight. Halford and guitarist John Lowery formed the group in 1997, and were signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records label. Reznor produced their sole output,Voyeurs, which sold poorly. Halford disbanded the ill-fated group two years later. Halford has recently expressed interest in releasing the early demos from Voyeurs, which he has described as "tougher [and] a lot edgier" compared to the final album.

Artist Tags For 2wo

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial Metal 3) Heavy Metal 4) Hard Rock 5) Alternative Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For 2wo

1) I Am A Pig 2) Stutter Kiss 3) Water's Leaking 4) My Ceiling's Low 5) Leave me Alone 6) Deep in the Ground 7) If 8) Hey, Sha La La 9) Wake Up 10) Gimp 11) Bed Of Rust 12) In My Head 13) Shout 14) Lucipher 15) Scream 16) Silent Screams 17) Silent Scream 18) 01 I Am A Pig 19) 03 Water's Leaking 20) 04 Deep In The Ground 21) 06 Shout 22) 02 Leave Me Alone 23) I Am A Pig (Pre-Reznor Mix) 24) Leave Me Alone (Pre-Reznor Mix) 25) 05 Bed Of Rust 26) 07 Scream 27) Shout (Pre-Reznor Mix) 28) Water's Leaking (Pre-Reznor Mix) 29) Deep In The Ground (Pre-Reznor Mix) 30) 08 Silent Screams 31) Bed Of Rust (Pre-Reznor Mix) 32) Walechsa 33) I'm A Pig 34) Voyeurs 35) Till Five Weeks 36) Hey Sha La La 37) My Ceilings Low 38) Silent Scream (Demo) 39) Strutter Kiss 40) I Am Pig 41) In My Head (Bonus Track) 42) Stutter Kiss (OST Beowulf ОСТ Беовульф) [1999] 43) Waters Leaking 44) Deep In The Ground (Demo) 45) In My Head (Bonus) 46) Shout (Bonus Track) 47) I Am A Pig (Demo) 48) Wake Up (album version) 49) Bed of Rust (Demo) 50) Water's Leaking (Demo)

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