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A Beautiful Mind

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For A Beautiful Mind

Please fix your tags, A Beautiful Mind is NOT an artist. The actual composer of the music for the film is James Horner.

Artist Tags For A Beautiful Mind

1) Soundtrack 2) Instrumental 3) Emotional 4) Composers 5) Tearoom

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For A Beautiful Mind

1) A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics 2) Cracking the Russian Codes 3) All Love Can Be 4) The Car Chase 5) Teaching Mathematics Again 6) Looking For The Next Great Idea 7) Closing credits 8) Real Or Imagined 9) Of One Heart, Of One Mind 10) Nash Descends Into Parcher's World 11) Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark World 12) First Drop-Off, First Kiss 13) Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love 14) Creating Governing Dynamics 15) Creating 'Governing Dynamics' 16) Piano Instrumental 17) Playing a Game of Go 18) 01 A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics 19) Playing A Game Of 'GO!' 20) Creating "Governing Dynamics" 21) The Prize Of One's Life... The Prize Of One's Mind 22) Looking For The Next Great Ide 23) A Beautiful Mind A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics 24) Real or Imagined? 25) First drop off first kiss 26) Playing a Game of 'go' 27) Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics 28) A Beautiful Mind 29) Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark W 30) Main Theme 31) Of One Heart Of One Mind 32) Saying Goodbye to Those You So 33) The Prize Of One's Life...The Prize Of One's Mind 34) Nash Descends Into Parcher's W 35) First Drop Off, First Kiss 36) James Horner 37) Car Chase 38) Saying Goodbye To Those You Love 39) Theme 40) Creating `Governing Dynamics` 41) 01 - A kaleidoscope of mathematics 42) Playing A Game Of Go! 43) First drop off 44) Looking For The Next Great Id 45) Playing A Game Of `Go` 46) Charlotte Church - All Love Ca 47) Bar Scene John Nash's Equilibrium Game Theory 48) Playing a Game of "Go" 49) Playing A Game of "Go!" 50) Prize Of One's Life... The Prize Of One's Mind

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