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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For A-wall

"A-Wall began bubbling in Dallas’s indie music scene following the release of his initial 2018 project 'Verano.' The following years, he would cement his position as one of the most versatile artists in Dallas with his releases of 'Helios' and 'Primavera,' a collaboration with the hip-hop collective known as, 'CHROMA.' A-Wall’s current music creation is more akin to alternative hip hop/anti-pop. What sets this musician apart however is the incorporation of electrical elements into his sound which stem from his admiration for EDM.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For A-wall

1) Loverboy 2) Loverboy - San Holo Version 3) On My Way! 4) Mr. Verano 5) Figure It Out 6) Light Speed (Signals) 7) E.M.S. 8) 4ever 9) Moves 10) Somewhere (Intro) 11) Weakness 12) 4ever (feat. Xavier Flowers) 13) Loverboy - Acoustic 14) Fuzzy Dice (Interlude) 15) Satellite 16) Sun Sailor 17) Dark Red 18) Zodiac Killer 19) Summer Luv 20) Tiger's Blood 21) Zodiac Killer (feat. Pretty Boy Aaron) 22) White Desert 23) Tiger’s Blood 24) Best Behavior 25) I'm Good 26) Heat Wave (Intro) 27) Prom Night 28) Admit It 29) Off His Shit 30) The Big U 31) Vaso 32) No Parking (Skit) 33) CHROMA & A-Wall - Watcha Say? 34) Breeze 35) Loverboy (Who Got You Smiling Like That) [Prod. bleu jetta] 36) Loverboy (Acoustic) 37) Jockin My Swag 38) Loverboy (San Holo Remix) 39) Loverboy (San Holo Version) 40) Loverboy (Kill the Lights) 41) WYNE 42) Loverboy (Who Got You Smilin Like That) 43) Loverboy (San Holo Version) [Mixed] 44) Get It Poppin' In The Club 45) Trampoline Booty - A-Wall Remix 46) A-Wall - Loverboy (Who Got You Smiling Like That) [] 47) Loverboy (Who Got You Smiling Like That) 48) Sexy Love (The Next Performance) 49) A-Wall - Loverboy (Who Got You Smilin Like That) 50) A-Wall - Loverboy (Who Got You Smiling Like That) [Official Music Video] [Prod. bleu jetta]

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