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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For ABSRDST

ABSRDST, all capitals, is a project of one Jack Van Oudenaren, Groton, Massachusetts, United States. His first album, Home Sweet Home, was completed in the Summer of 2012. His second, Sugarblossom and the Space Cadets got him country wide exposure in the chipmusic community and the vgm community. All of ABSRDST's music can be found on his bandcamp page,

Artist Tags For ABSRDST

1) Electronica 2) Chiptune 3) Electronic 4) Indie 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For ABSRDST

1) We're Beautiful 2) Skin Contest (feat. JSTJR) 3) Animation 4) In Case It Crashes 5) Do The Runaround 6) Blushy 7) The Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime) 8) Frequency (B2B) 9) Space Dad 10) Imaginary Friend 11) Even Though We Are Birds 12) Love In The Making 13) Driving Me Sane 14) Time Stopper (Flash Man) 15) Smile Man 16) Hi Squidoo (feat. Maxo) 17) We Were Alive 18) ABCDE 12345 (Password Screen) 19) Even If We Were Birds 20) Robot Stunt Club (Nitro Man) 21) Fiber Clone (Infinity Mijinion) 22) Unified (Fire Emblem) 23) Reborn 24) We're so Warm 25) Stiffy 26) My Heart Used To Be My Favorite Part 27) Life Slices 28) I Surrender 29) People Skills 30) The Inventor (Dr. Wily) 31) Tiger Bop 32) Blooper 33) Lead Poisoning (Bubble Man) 34) Hold Me Squeeze Me 35) Simpson 36) On The Lip 37) We're The Robots 38) Skin Contest ft. JSTJR 39) Were Beautiful - Matra Magic Future Nova Remix 40) High Im Daisy 41) Touch The Source 42) We're Beautiful - Maxo Icemix Remix 43) Show Yourself Spirt Fox (Feat. Mike Keyz and 2Kee) 44) The Essence (ft. Diddy Kong) 45) Awakening ( Absrdst Remix ) 46) Can't 47) Frequency 48) Do I Sound Good 49) Sugar Blossom and the Space Cadets 50) High I'm Daisy

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