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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Adeel

He was born in 1984 in an educated family in Pakistan. His brothers are high achievers and Adeel was a top student too. He got a keyboard as a gift from his father when he passed his school exams with flying colors. It was then that his natural flair for music shone forth. He was soon performing in all his school shows and had formed a band called 'Rooh' in Islamabad by the time he reached college. His studies not suffer, however, since he found time to excel in both, music and studies.

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1) Pakistan

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Adeel

1) Koi Chehra 2) Kise Awaaz Doon 3) Koi Chehra (Acoustic Mix) 4) Kisay Awaz Doon (ApniISP.Com) 5) Kise Awaaz Doon (Remix) 6) Teri Yaad 7) Mere Haniya 8) Kisay Awaz Doon 9) Koi Chehra (Club Mix) 10) Koi Chehra (Remix) 11) Tere Bin 12) Peera Ho 13) Ki Jaana Main Kaun (House Mix) 14) Aaja Ho Aaja 15) Ki Jaana Main Kaun 16) Kise Awaaz Doon - www.Songs.PK 17) Ik Ladki 18) Mere Haniya (ApniISP.Com) 19) Koi Chehra (ApniISP.Com) 20) Tere Yaad (Dance Mix) 21) Pyar Tera 22) Kissay Awaz Don 23) Pyaar Tera 24) Infernal 25) Kisay Awaaz Doon 26) Move Your Body Now 27) Peera 28) Dheemi Dheemi 29) Kise Awaaz Doon (Remix) - www.Songs.PK 30) Ki Jaana Main Kaun (From "Koi Chehra") 31) 02 - Kise Awaaz Doon - 32) GoriTeriAankhen - Lucky Ali 33) Koi Chehra - Acoustic Mix 34) Kaise Awaaz Doon 35) Dil Toota 36) Koi Chehra - Club Mix 37) Vang Teri - Juggy D - Taj E - 38) Ek Ladki 39) Koi Chehra (Acoustic Mix) [Koi Chehra] 40) Raat Ruk Ja 41) Aaja Ho 42) Ik Larki 43) Koi Chehra (Acoustic) 44) Teri Yaad (Dance Mix) 45) Ruk Jaa 46) Koi Chehra - Club Mix 47) Bulla Ki Jaan Hai Kaun (Koi Chehra) 48) 06 Kise Awaaz Doon (Remix) 49) 02 Kise Awaaz Doon 50) Jugaad 2009= Kise Awaaz Doon

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