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Afro Celts

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Afro Celts

Actually called the Afro Celt Sound System*, this band was formed by producer Simon Emmerson with a mission to combine Celtic and African music with modern technology. For the "Afro" part, Emmerson enlisted N'Faly Kouyate and Moussa Sissokho; for the "Celt" part, there are James McNally and Iarla Ó Lionáird; and for "Sound System" there is Martin Russell. With the addition of Johnny Kalsi, they could easily add an "Indo" to the name. Personnel has varied considerably from release to release.

Artist Tags For Afro Celts

1) World 2) Celtic 3) African 4) Electronic 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Afro Celts

1) Seed 2) Whirl-y-reel 2 3) Deep Channel 4) Nevermore 5) Dark Moon, High Tide 6) Cyberia 7) Inion/Daughter 8) Saor/Free/News from Nowhere 9) Rise Above It 10) Rise 11) House Of The Ancestors 12) the other side 13) Whirl-Y-Reel 1 14) Sure-As-Not/Sure-As-Knot 15) All Remains 16) Eistigh Liomsa Sealad/Listen To Me/Saor Reprise 17) Nu Cead Againn Dul Abhaile/We Cannot Go... 18) Release 19) Lovers of Light 20) Amber 21) Urban Aire 22) When You're Falling 23) Green (Nevermore Instrumental) 24) I Think Of... 25) Even in My Dreams 26) Release It (instrumental) 27) Big Cat 28) Riding the Waves 29) Hypnotica 30) Eireann 31) Ayub's Song / As You Were 32) Colossus 33) Lagan 34) Further in Time 35) My Secret Bliss 36) Shadowman 37) North 38) When I Still Needed You 39) Beautiful Rain 40) Whirl-Y-Reel 1 (Beard and Sandals Mix) 41) Mojave 42) Persistence of Memory 43) Onwards 44) Go on Through 45) The Silken Whip 46) Anatomic 47) Mother 48) Whirl-Y-Reel 2 (Folk Police Mix) 49) Drake 50) Éireann

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