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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aiobahn

Min-Hyuk Kim (born August 16, 1996), better known by his stage name Aiobahn, is a South Korean electronic musician, DJ, record producer, and remixer. He also composed the soundtrack for the video game "NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE". Raised in Seoul, South Korea, he is best known for his collaborative single with Yunomi, titled "枕元にゴースト" (Makuramoto ni Ghost). The artist has since released singles on labels like Monstercat, Bitbird and STMPD RCRDS respectively.

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Progressive House

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aiobahn

1) ここにいる (Stephen Walking Remix) 2) About U 3) If We Never 4) Fragments 5) Medusa 6) ここにいる - Stephen Walking Remix 7) Motivation 8) ここにいる 9) 過ぎゆく日と君へ 10) 枕元にゴースト 11) All of This 12) Islands 13) Meant to Be 14) In Your Arms 15) amnesia 16) 過ぎゆく日と君へ (feat. nayuta) 17) grayscale 18) Electric Heart 19) wish 20) resonance 21) ここにいる (feat. rionos) (Stephen Walking Remix) 22) ここにいる (feat. rionos) 23) Never Go Back 24) 夏の真夜中 (feat. アンテナガール) 25) 夏の真夜中 26) 0AM (feat. nayuta) 27) ここにいる (Guy Arthur Remix) 28) ここにいる (fusq Remix) 29) Follow Me 30) amnesia - Tollef Remix 31) 銀河鉄道のペンギン 32) Ghost Town 33) 0AM 34) set you free 35) tonite 36) City in My Eyes (feat. Koo Read) 37) ここにいる - fusq Remix 38) 銀河鉄道のペンギン (feat. nicamoq) 39) Fragments - instrumental 40) Worth It 41) heart 2 heart 42) ここにいる (feat. rionos) (Guy Arthur Remix) 43) ここにいる - Guy Arthur Remix 44) ここにいる (feat. rionos) (fusq Remix) 45) City in My Eyes 46) All of This - Extended Mix 47) ここにいる (Inverted Silence & Aevi Remix) 48) In Your Arms (feat. Ralph Larenzo) 49) ここにいる (Aire Remix) 50) 永久の宴 (w/ YUC'e)

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