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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Bunnyranch

Bunnyranch is a rock & roll band from Coimbra, Portugal. Bunnyranch are Kaló (drums, vocals, percussion), Pedro Calhau (bass), André Ferrão (guitar) and João Cardoso (organ, piano, vocals). Their first release is an EP, "Too Flop To Boogie". Their first full-length album is "Trying To Lose" (2004). In 2006 they release "Luna Dance" and in 2008 "Teach Us Lord..." and "...How To Wait".

Artist Tags For Bunnyranch

1) Seen Live 2) Portugal 3) Rock 4) Portuguese 5) Coimbra

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Bunnyranch

1) Flip flop 2) Your words are my jokes 3) Let Me Understand 4) Top Top To The Top 5) Can't stop the ranch 6) Inside my head 7) In the land of the poor 8) We got this thing 9) The Dog 10) Little Bird Get In Shape 11) It's gonna be ok 12) Give me back my gold 13) Liar Alone 14) Airplane Saying Go 15) Bunnyranch 16) Waiting On A Corner 17) On my way out 18) (I'm Not Going) Down South 19) Sheppard 20) Earl (Come On) 21) Intelligent Freak 22) Bunny Ranch Love 23) Beat The Bug 24) That's Not The Way You Eat 25) Too Flop To Boogie 26) As Tetas da Alienação 27) Brand New 28) Hungry 29) I Don't Know 30) Come Along 31) Sick 32) Washin' Machine 33) Stand By... 34) Too Much Of A Bad Thing 35) Free to Shake 36) Free to Shake, Free to Brake 37) Sansão Foi Enganado 38) I Can't Set Myself Free 39) Where Am I? Where Are You? 40) No Crime Scene 41) You Can Read... 42) Don't Dance to This Song 43) Join the Team 44) Sometimes (It's Hard) 45) Go Away, Keep Away 46) Parasite, Poor Mind 47) Adam Green 48) Sansao Foi Enganado 49) Let's Beat'Em All 50) Sometimes It's Hard

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