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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Gandalf

There is more than one artist with this name In chronological order: 1) Gandalf were an influential late 1960s psychedelic rock group. 2) Mid-70s blues inspired Swedish progressive rock band. 3) Austrian new age composer/musician. Real name: Heinz Strobl. 4) Finnish melodic death metal band. 1) Gandalf were an influential late 1960s psychedelic rock group. They were an American band originally called the Rahgoos and formed by Peter Sando, Frank Hubach, Bob Muller and Davy Bauer.

Artist Tags For Gandalf

1) New Age 2) Melodic Death Metal 3) Psychedelic 4) Ambient 5) Psychedelic Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Gandalf

1) Rhythm Of The Tides 2) A Seed Dreaming Inside 3) Sacred River 4) Hearts In Celestial Unison 5) Blossoms Falling Like Snow 6) Hang On To A Dream 7) In The Presence Of Angels 8) A Heavenly Gift 9) Where The Heart Finds A Home 10) Can You Travel In The Dark Alone 11) Golden Earrings 12) Morning at the River Bench 13) Colors Of A New Dawn 14) Peaceful Heart 15) Nature Boy 16) Take Me Gently Across the Water 17) Mystic Voyage 18) Never Too Far 19) Titaptawa 20) Shine on Full Moon 21) Flowers Along The Way 22) You Upset The Grace Of Living 23) Me About You 24) Love Is the Answer 25) Life Is Love 26) Tiffany Rings 27) The Ferryman's Tale 28) I Watch The Moon 29) The Lotus Unfolds 30) In The Presence Of Angels (Reprise) 31) Brighter Than A Star 32) Just a Heartbeat Away 33) Silent Joy 34) Where the River Joins the Ocean 35) Scarlet Ribbons 36) A Seagull's Tale 37) Confidently Floating Seawards 38) A Visionary Passage 39) Just A Glimpse Of Paradise 40) Stardust Dreams 41) Iris 42) Love Opens The Gates 43) Bridge Of Confidence 44) Waves Of Delight 45) Floating Down the Silent Stream 46) Dreamcatcher 47) The Dragon 48) Flow Water Flow 49) From Distant Shores 50) Voice in the Wind

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