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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Groundation

1. Groundation is a Fusion-Reggae band based in Sonoma County, California. It was established in 1998 by Harrison Stafford, Ryan Newman and Marcus Urani upon their meeting at the Jazz program at Sonoma State University. Groundation's music incorporates the lyrical struggle of Roots Reggae, the progressive musicianship of Funk/Jazz fusion, and other-worldly transcendental Dub. The 9-piece band creates an altogether new Reggae sound, featuring swirling horns, stout poly-rhythmics, and soulful harmony vocals.

Artist Tags For Groundation

1) Reggae 2) Roots Reggae 3) Dub 4) Roots 5) Jazz

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Groundation

1) Jah Jah Know 2) Babylon Rule Dem 3) Weak Heart 4) Praising 5) Silver Tongue Show 6) Weeping Pirates 7) Picture On The Wall 8) Don's Intro 9) Ruling Dub 10) Head Strong 11) Something More 12) Undivided 13) Smile 14) Hebron 15) Groundation Chant 16) We Na Forget (Rome) 17) Freedom Taking Over 18) If I 19) What Could Have Been 20) Music Is The Most High 21) Nyabinghi Order 22) The Dragon 23) Suffer The Right 24) Wanna Know 25) Waterfall 26) One More Day (Live It Up) 27) We Free Again 28) Throwing Stones 29) Confusing Situation 30) The Seventh Seal 31) Dem Rise 32) Each One Teach One 33) Down 34) Jah Spirit 35) Wish Them Well 36) Feel Jah 37) Me Na in De 38) Elements 39) Upon the Bridge 40) Long, Long Ago 41) Young Tree 42) Dub Rise 43) Glory to the Kings 44) Congress Man 45) Seesaw 46) Fight All You Can 47) Mighty Souls 48) Ratant Crow 49) Grounding Dub 50) Dream

Frogtoon Music - Album information for Hebron Gate

Hebron Gate is the third release by roots reggae band Groundation. The album received a nomination for Germany's coveted World Music Award. For this release, reggae artists Apple Gabriel of Israel Vibration and Don Carlos of Black Uhuru were united for the first time in reggae history to collaborate with Groundation. The album's nine tracks tell the story of a Dragon War coming upon the nations. The story unfolds over a twenty-four hour timespan; with the sun rising in the beginning, setting in the middle, and finally rising again at the end.

Frogtoon Music - Album Tracks For Hebron Gate

1) Jah Jah Know - 6:00 Hebron Gate
2) Babylon Rule Dem - 7:03 Hebron Gate
3) Silver Tongue Show - 6:05 Hebron Gate
4) Weeping Pirates - 6:41 Hebron Gate
5) Picture On The Wall - 6:10 Hebron Gate
6) Something More - 4:53 Hebron Gate
7) Hebron - 5:09 Hebron Gate
8) Freedom Taking Over - 5:59 Hebron Gate
9) Undivided - 5:52 Hebron Gate

Frogtoon Music - Album Tags For Hebron Gate

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