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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Iskelu

These are the many faces of Iskelu - a musician who is constantly creating and r:evolving in the Ambient World. Global orchestral instrumentation is intertwined with traditional world elements, and pulsating beats & rhythms, creating a fusion melting pot of world versus ambience. The result is often cinematic, often epic, and always beautifully textured. His music is multi-layered - and more musical than the genre traditionally allows - and often underpinned with harmonies that allow a wonderful and beautiful musical balance.

Artist Tags For Iskelu

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) World 4) Gardob 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Iskelu

1) Kunlun Shan 2) Oriental Spa 3) Orientic 4) Om Suasti Astu 5) Cold Mountain Temple 6) Petals In The Water 7) The Deeper Orient 8) Cutting The Silk 9) Sands Of The Kara Kum 10) Mattaki 11) Legends Of The Lost Kingdom 12) Temples Of Ha Noi 13) Taiko Meditation 14) Jambu Air 15) Sensasia 16) Light Of A New Morning 17) Asian Spa 18) Dunes 19) Desert Nation 20) Heart Of Moheza 21) Ever So Forever 22) Aramanda's Touch 23) The Whispers Of War 24) Euphrates 25) The Calming 26) An Angels Prayer 27) River Running 28) A Touch Of Peace 29) Song Of Karasay 30) Spirit Guiding 31) Tsavo 32) This Is In Your Heart 33) Tomahawk Legend 34) Ilunga 35) Bear's Claw 36) Dar Al Hajar 37) Light My Way 38) Sheitani 39) Toskala 40) Tinsukia 41) Soul Essence 42) Tears Of The Desert 43) Kuru Ma Weze 44) Dreams Of Africa 45) Tribes Of Mzuzu 46) Dash E Lut 47) Tuz Golu 48) Liuwa Plains 49) The One 50) Crossing The Aral

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