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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For LoCash

Locash was a short-lived band of 3 friends (Tom: guitar and vocals, Davy: bass, Evert: drums) who desperately wanted to make some music - and failed hilariously. The only four(-ish) songs they ever made, were recorded somewhere over the summer of 2005 (one, their "hit" Beauty, was done with the help of Jack, from Woodrow). They were active from March till November of 2005, but split up when they realized they were getting on each others nerves instead of making actual progress. Their songs remain available for download from the band's MySpace.

Artist Tags For LoCash

1) Treble 2) Youngstar 3) LITTLE STAR 4) Queer 5) Queercore

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For LoCash

1) I Love This Life 2) I Know Somebody 3) One Big Country Song 4) Ring on Every Finger 5) Don't Get Better Than That 6) Feels Like a Party 7) It's Only Midnight 8) Drunk Drunk 9) Shipwrecked 10) Beers to Catch Up On 11) Ain't Startin Tonight 12) Aint Startin Tonight 13) The Fighters 14) Kissing a Girl 15) God Thing 16) Till the Wheels Fall Off 17) Brothers 18) Moonwalkin 19) C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. 20) All Day 21) Best Seat 22) You Gonna Fly 23) God Loves Me More 24) Hey Hey Hey 25) How Much Time You Got 26) Truck Yeah 27) Chase a Little Love 28) Keep in Mind 29) Bounce 30) Summer in a Truck 31) Little Miss Crazyhot 32) Cold Beer Kinda Night 33) Best Seat In The House 34) ALLL DAY 35) One Big Country Song - RoadHouse Remix 36) Secret Weapon 37) Independent Trucker (feat. George Jones) 38) Love Drunk 39) No Scrubs - Iconic Performance 40) Make It Look Good 41) Fine 42) I Hope 43) Hillbillies with Guitars 44) Fresh Off The Farm 45) Right Here In Front Of You 46) You Got Me 47) Bumpin' 48) C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. (Remix) [feat. Colt Ford] 49) You Make It Look Good 50) Here Comes Summer

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