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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mien

MIEN are a neo-psychedelic "supergroup" featuring Alex Maas (The Black Angels), John Mark Lapham (The Earlies, The Late Cord, The Revival Hour), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone, The Datsons) and Tom Cowan (Tom Furse, The Horrors, Spider and The Flies, Innerspace Orchestra). MIEN's self-titled debut album was released in 2018. The seeds were sown for this collaboration as long ago as 2004, when Rishi Dhir found himself in a chance encounter with Black

Artist Tags For Mien

1) Canada 2) Psychedelic Rock 3) Seen Live 4) Rock 5) Psychedelic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mien

1) EARTH MOON 2) Black Habit 3) Odessey - Radio Edit 4) (I'm Tired of) Western Shouting 5) Hocus Pocus 6) You Dreamt 7) Other 8) Ropes 9) Odessey 10) Echolalia 11) Earth Moon - Reprise 12) Earth Moon (Reprise) 13) Odessey - Django Django's Last Train North Remix 14) Black Habit - $hit & $hine remix 15) millionyoung 16) MIEN - Earth Moon 17) Odessey (Radio Edit) 18) Black Habit ($hit & $hine remix) 19) Piem Zat 20) Not A Dream 21) Western Shouting 22) Abduction (Original Mix) 23) Dub Enstikto 24) Perfect Dualism (Original Mix) 25) Odessey (Django Django Remix) 26) Earth Moon Reprise 27) Abduction 28) Odessey (Django Django's Last Train North Remix) 29) Perfect Dualism 30) The Deepest secret 31) Million Young 32) Earth Moon (Edit) 33) MIEN [] 2018 34) Not A Dream (Original Mix) 35) Face Down (Original Mix) 36) Black Habit (Shit And Shine Remix) 37) Dub Enstikto - Original Mix 38) Deluge 39) Kleine Blonde Mariandel 40) The Deepest Secret (Original Mix) 41) I'm Tired Of Western Shouting 42) "Earth Moon" 43) Where's Thomas? (Original Mix) 44) Deluge (Original Mix) 45) Abuse Thought (Original Mix) 46) Not A Dream - Original Mix 47) Odessey (Django Djangos Last Train North Remix) 48) Odessy (Django Django's Last Train North Remix) 49) (I'm tired of) Western Shouting (Track) 50) Earth Moon (Track)

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