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Nine Inch Nails

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails is an Industrial rock band that was formed in 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States by Trent Reznor, the only constant member of the band. Reznor is generally credited for popularizing the genre known as "industrial rock" with both his releases and dark, theatrical music videos. As of 2016, the band also officially includes Reznor's longtime collaborator Atticus Ross as a second official member. Born Michael Trent Reznor, he was raised by his maternal grandparents in Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA.

Artist Tags For Nine Inch Nails

1) Industrial 2) Industrial Rock 3) Rock 4) Alternative 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nine Inch Nails

1) Closer 2) Hurt 3) The Hand That Feeds 4) Head Like a Hole 5) March of the Pigs 6) Every Day Is Exactly the Same 7) Only 8) Piggy 9) Terrible Lie 10) Heresy 11) Something I Can Never Have 12) Discipline 13) A Warm Place 14) The Day the World Went Away 15) Ruiner 16) The Becoming 17) We're in This Together 18) Wish 19) Right Where It Belongs 20) All the Love in the World 21) Mr. Self Destruct 22) Sin 23) Big Man With a Gun 24) Just Like You Imagined 25) The Fragile 26) The Frail 27) Reptile 28) I Do Not Want This 29) Survivalism 30) Eraser 31) Love Is Not Enough 32) The Wretched 33) The Collector 34) Down In It 35) Sunspots 36) With Teeth 37) Getting Smaller 38) The Downward Spiral 39) Somewhat Damaged 40) The Perfect Drug 41) You Know What You Are? 42) The Beginning of the End 43) The Great Below 44) 1,000,000 45) The Line Begins to Blur 46) Capital G 47) Beside You in Time 48) Into the Void 49) Echoplex 50) La Mer

Frogtoon Music - Album information for Further Down the Spiral

Further Down the Spiral is a remix album by Nine Inch Nails, and was released on June 1, 1995. It is the tenth official Nine Inch Nails release and is the companion remix disc to The Downward Spiral. There are two editions of this release, one denoted as Halo 10 (released in the US) the other as Halo 10 V2 (released in Japan, Australia and the UK), each containing a different set of tracks with a large degree of overlap between the two. The album is among the best-selling remix albums of all time and was certified gold on June 26

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Nine Inch Nails