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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Patrice

Patrice (Patrice Bart-Williams) is an Afro-German reggae artist. His music is influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. Effortlessly combining folk, reggae, soul and blues, the singer/songwriter/guitarist , Patrice, exploded onto the music scene with his phenomenal testimonial debut Lions E.P in 1999 aged just 18. With the deep lyrical content and social conscience resonating within his work, Patrice alludes to his late father (a Sierra Leonian political activist and poet) and Bob Marley as the greatest influences on his music.

Artist Tags For Patrice

1) Reggae 2) Seen Live 3) German 4) Soul 5) German Reggae

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Patrice

1) Soulstorm 2) Clouds 3) Up In My Room 4) Music 5) Everyday Good 6) Another One 7) Sunshine 8) Today 9) You Always You 10) Africanize Dem 11) It Hurts To Be Alone 12) Love 13) Dove Of Peace 14) Murderer 15) Rememba 16) Uncried 17) Gun 18) Jah Jah Deh Deh 19) 1st Cateract 20) Only Believers 21) No Excuse 22) Sneakers 23) Seasons 24) Where Do We Go Wrong 25) Done (Where Is Love To Be Found) 26) Be Your Man 27) Victoriously 28) Fear Rules 29) Household 30) Lead The Way 31) Yes Or No 32) Town 33) Thought I Knew 34) Head To Toe 35) How Do You Call It 36) Queens 37) Lions 38) Praise His Name 39) Justified 40) Moneypulation 41) Shine On My Way 42) Do Things To You 43) Blue Overtones (Bonus Track) 44) He Don't Answer 45) Speeding Into The Dark 46) Is It Me? 47) Appreci Luv 48) Have You Seen It 49) Lil Paradies 50) Same Ol' Story

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