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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rancid

Rancid is a punk rock band which formed in Berkeley, California, United States in 1991. The band consists of Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Lars Frederiksen (guitar), Matt Freeman (bass) and Branden Steineckert (drums). The band has released nine albums: Rancid (1993), Let's Go (1994), ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995), Life Won't Wait (1998), Rancid (2000), Indestructible (2003), Let the Dominoes Fall (2009), ...Honor Is All We Know (2014), and Trouble Maker (2017).

Artist Tags For Rancid

1) Punk 2) Punk Rock 3) Ska Punk 4) Ska 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rancid

1) Time Bomb 2) Ruby Soho 3) Roots Radicals 4) Maxwell Murder 5) Fall Back Down 6) Old Friend 7) The 11th Hour 8) Junkie Man 9) She's Automatic 10) Journey to the End of the East Bay 11) Out of Control 12) As Wicked 13) Daly City Train 14) The Wars End 15) You Don't Care Nothin' 16) Red Hot Moon 17) The Way I Feel 18) Lock, Step & Gone 19) Listed M.I.A. 20) Salvation 21) Disorder and Disarray 22) Avenues & Alleyways 23) Radio 24) Olympia WA 25) Bloodclot 26) Roots Radical 27) Indestructible 28) Olympia WA. 29) Hooligans 30) Tropical London 31) Nihilism 32) David Courtney 33) Arrested in Shanghai 34) Start Now 35) Life Won't Wait 36) Black Lung 37) Django 38) Tenderloin 39) Dope Sick Girl 40) Hoover Street 41) 1998 42) Memphis 43) Travis Bickle 44) Spirit of '87 45) Hyena 46) Last One to Die 47) Let's Go 48) Back Up Against the Wall 49) Warsaw 50) Ghost Band

Frogtoon Music - Album information for ...And Out Come the Wolves

…And Out Come the Wolves is an album by the American punk rock band Rancid, released in August 1995 (see 1995 in music). Rancid's popularity and catchy songs made them the subject of a major label bidding war (hence the title, ...And Out Come the Wolves[citation needed] taken from a poem in Jim Carroll's Basketball Diaries) that ended with the band sticking with their indie label, Epitaph Records. With a sound heavily influenced by ska, which called to mind Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman's past in Operation Ivy

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