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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Stereophonics

Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band, formed in 1992 in Cwmaman, Wales, United Kingdom, by friends Kelly Jones (guitar/vocals), Stuart Cable (drums; died 2010) and Richard Jones (bass) but no relation to Kelly. Colloquially known to their fans as the 'Phonics or the Stereos, in the years preceding their popularity, they went through shifting line-ups and were known by a variety of names including "KDR", "Zephyr", "Silent Runner", "Blind Faith" and their most widely known pre-Phonics moniker "Tragic Love Company

Artist Tags For Stereophonics

1) Rock 2) Britpop 3) Indie 4) Alternative 5) Indie Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Stereophonics

1) Dakota 2) Maybe Tomorrow 3) Have a Nice Day 4) Superman 5) Just Looking 6) Mr. Writer 7) It Means Nothing 8) The Bartender and the Thief 9) Handbags and Gladrags 10) Devil 11) a thousand trees 12) Pick a Part That's New 13) Traffic 14) Local Boy in the Photograph 15) Step on My Old Size Nines 16) Rewind 17) I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio 18) Vegas Two Times 19) Hurry Up and Wait 20) Doorman 21) Pedalpusher 22) Lying in the Sun 23) Deadhead 24) Madame Helga 25) More Life in a Tramps Vest 26) Nice to Be Out 27) I Miss You Now 28) My Friends 29) Maybe 30) Nothing Precious at All 31) Lolita 32) Brother 33) Girl 34) You're My Star 35) Maybe Tomorrow - Decade In The Sun Version 36) Dakota - Decade In The Sun Version 37) Caravan Holiday 38) Daisy Lane 39) Feel 40) Too Many Sandwiches 41) Not Up to You 42) Since I Told You It's Over 43) Roll Up and Shine 44) Bank Holiday Monday 45) I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There to Come Back) 46) Innocent 47) I Stopped to Fill My Car Up 48) She Takes Her Clothes Off 49) Pass the Buck 50) Getaway

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Stereophonics

1) Live From Dakota 2) Just Enough Education to Perform 3) Pull the Pin 4) You Gotta Go There to Come Back 5) Word Gets Around 6) Performance and Cocktails 7) Language. Sex. Violence. Other? 8) Decade In The Sun - Best Of Stereophonics 9) Language.Sex.Violence.Other? 10) Keep Calm and Carry On 11) Decade In The Sun - Best Of Stereophonics (Deluxe) 12) J.e.e.p. 13) Graffiti on the Train 14) Decade In The Sun 15) I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio 16) Performance And Cocktails - Deluxe Edition 17) Keep The Village Alive (Deluxe) [Deluxe Edition] 18) Scream Above the Sounds (Deluxe) 19) Language.Sex.Violence.Other 20) Since I Told You It's Over 21) You Gotta Go There 2 Come Back 22) You Gotta Go There To Come Bac 23) (null) 24) Word Gets Around - Deluxe Edition 25) It Means Nothing 26) Keep The Village Alive 27) Language Sex Violence Other 28) Keep Calm & Carry On 29) Wicker Park 30) All In One Night 31) Moviestar EP 32) You Gotta Go There to Come Back (Sunday Times version) 33) I Am Sam Soundtrack 34) Language, Sex, Violence, Other 35) Handbags and Gladrags 36) gotta go there to come back 37) Keep the Village Alive (Deluxe) 38) JEEP 39) C'est La Vie 40) Handbags and Gladrags (Single) 41) Fly Like An Eagle 42) Caught By The Wind 43) Indian Summer 44) My Friends (Live Versions) 45) I Wanna Get Lost with You 46) Chaos From The Top Down 47) Veronica Mars (Original Television Soundtrack) 48) Keep Calm And Carry On (International Bonus Track Version) 49) Scream Above The Sounds 50) Bust This Town

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