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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Wraygunn

A project from Coimbra, Portugal of Paulo Furtado, also the head of the one-man blues band The Legendary Tiger Man. They were considered one of the most interesting rock bands of the last few years. Their first release was the EP "Amateur" in 2000, after which "Soul Jam" came in 2001. In 2004, and with a new formation, "Eclesiastes 1:11" was released, with well-marked influences of North-American black culture, like Gospel music and Blues along with Rock n' Roll. "Shangri-la" was released in 2007, followed by a huge tour around Portugal.

Artist Tags For Wraygunn

1) Seen Live 2) Portuguese 3) Alternative 4) Rock 5) Portugal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Wraygunn

1) She'S A Go-Go Dancer 2) Everything's Gonna Be Ok 3) Love Is My New Drug 4) Love Letters From A Muthafucka 5) Rusty ways 6) Lady Luck 7) Silver Bullets 8) Work me out 9) Hoola-Hoop Woman 10) Drunk or Stoned 11) Keep on Prayin' 12) Ain't It Nice? 13) Boom-boom ah-ah 14) No More, My Lord 15) Just A Gambling Man... 16) Juice 17) Soul City 18) All Night Long 19) She's a Speed Freak 20) Hip 21) How Long, How Long? 22) Don't You Know? 23) There but for the Grace of God Go I 24) I'm Your Lover Man 25) Don't You Wanna Dance 26) Sometimes I Miss You 27) Kerosene Honey 28) Tales Of Love 29) Strolling Around My Hometown 30) That cigarette keeps burning 31) My Secret Love 32) I bet it all on you 33) Track you down 34) I'm For Real 35) Lonely 36) Snapshot 37) I fear what's in here 38) Sometimes 39) Don't You Wanna Dance ? 40) I Wanna Go (Where The Grass Is Green) 41) Get Up On Your Feet & Dance 42) Going Down 43) W.G. 44) Lava Love 45) Não Vou Perder a Alma 46) Gunn 47) Doctor PhD 48) Ain't Gonna Break My Soul 49) Strange Days 50) Love

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