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Alex Megane

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Alex Megane

Biography Axel Jager (aka Alex Megane) has now established himself as one of the talented players in the dance scene. His first project 'Cosmic Culture' (started with his former partner Thomas Jahnke) was responsible for his big entrance into the scene as a producer but also a DJ. The first production: 'Our Future,' released in 2003 was plimmediately by national and international DJ's like: Blank & Jones, ATB, Woody van Eyden and DJ Shog to name but a few. 'Our Future' proved to be successful for a debut release.

Artist Tags For Alex Megane

1) Trance 2) Dance 3) Techno 4) Electronic 5) Eurodance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Alex Megane

1) Technodisco (Rob Mayth Radio Cut) 2) Huricane (Radio Version) 3) Rock The House (Radio Cut) 4) Living On Video (Alex M. Radio Mix) 5) Listen Feel Enjoy (Alex M. Radio Mix) 6) I can't Stand It (Clubmix Short) 7) So Free (Original Radio Mix) 8) Strong! (Radio Mix) 9) Something (Radio Mix) 10) tonight (is all we have) 11) I Think of You (Radio Mix) 12) Hurricane 13) Something 14) Something (Radio Edit) 15) Hurricane (Cascada Remix) 16) Tonight (Is All We Have) (Ballad Mix) 17) Something (Rave Allstars Cut) 18) Tonight 19) Little Lies 20) I think of you 21) Hurricane 2009 (DJ Gollum Remix Edit) 22) So Today 23) Something - Radio Edit 24) i think of you (original radio mix) 25) Hurricane 2009 - DJ Gollum Remix Edit 26) So Today (Radio Edit) 27) Something (Rave Allstars Remix Edit) 28) Think Of You (Verano Remix) 29) Hurricane 2009 30) Hurricane (Cascada Radio Edit) 31) Tonight (Is All We Have) (2-4 Grooves Remix) 32) Stars 33) Hurricane (Cascada Radio Edit) - Cascada Radio Edit 34) Hurricane 2009 (Radio Edit) 35) Something (Rave Allstars Remix) 36) Hurricane(Rob Mayth Remix Edit 37) Little Lies (Zapflap Remix) 38) Little Lies (Brooklyn Bounce Remix) 39) Gefühle (Radio Edit) 40) Tonite (Is All We Have) (Vocoder Mix) 41) Beautiful Day (Newdance Edit) 42) i think of you (accufaces high energy radio mix) 43) So Today (Bonito & Trooper Mix) 44) hurricane(rob mayth remix edit) 45) Hurricane (Rob Mayth Remix) 46) Hurricane (Rob Mayth Remix Edit) 47) I think of you (Accuface’s High Energy Radio Edit) - Accuface’s High Energy Radio Edit 48) Hurricane 2009 (DJs from Mars Remix) 49) Stars (Radio Mix) 50) Hurricane (original club mix)

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