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Alyxx Dione

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Alyxx Dione

Soft-spoken Alyxx Dione is sweet as sugar with a bit of a goofy streak. The Buffalo, NY native grew up creative, first wanting to be a fashion designer, until she really start listening to music and started writing with her friends in middle school. She finally got serious about it and started to study and become a fan of Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, Lauryn Hill, and Mary Mary and many more. Blessed with angelic vocals, Alyxx was wowing family and friends with solo performances at age eight

Artist Tags For Alyxx Dione

1) Pop 2) R&b 3) Soul 4) Alternative 5) Like

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Alyxx Dione

1) Chingalinga 2) Chingalinga (feat. Jason Derulo) 3) Gang Of Roses 4) Swimming Pools. 5) Don't Stop 6) Drunk Right Now 7) Fall Down 8) Girlfriend 9) Chingalinga Ft. Jason Derulo 10) Why'd Ya Come Back 11) Easy 12) Miles Apart (Interlude) 13) Lost 14) September 15) King 16) Regret It 17) Dysfunctional 18) Hold Me 19) Take Me Home 20) Do It Like A Dude (Demo) 21) I Don't Wanna 22) ON 23) Out In LA 24) Good Life 25) Rabbit Heart (I Know) 26) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 27) All I Need 28) Pursuit Of Happyness 29) Freedum 30) Intro; Who I Am 31) Love Is Real 32) Window Of Love (Feat. Elijah Kelly) 33) Can't Have Everything 34) Only Exception 35) When It's Gone 36) Great Day 37) Best I Ever Had 38) Almost There 39) Chingalinga (Feat. Jason Derülo) 40) Hummingbird Heartbeat 41) Best I Ever Had Remake 42) Chingalinga (ft. Jason Derulo) 43) Chingalinga (featuring Jason Derulo) 44) Take Me Home (Produced by A-Nonymous) 45) 05 Easy 46) we found love 47) What You Mean 2 Me 48) swimming pools 49) 04 Dysfunctional 50) 09 Pursuit Of Happyness

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