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Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

The degree of nuance and experimentation inherent to their approach makes it difficult to classify Andrew James and the Steady Tiger. It is still more difficult to explain how a guitarist and a drummer (not even half a rock band really) can create music so deeply layered and sonically diverse. In a reckless display of artistic impetuosity, the two men abandoned their previous commitments and begun their collaboration almost immediately after meeting in 2010.

Artist Tags For Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

1) Folk 2) Folk Rock 3) South Africa

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

1) Under the Umbrella 2) Conversations With a Cobbler 3) Swansong 4) Don't Look Down 5) Stories 6) Rushing 7) Harder Than My Bones 8) Coincidence of Wants 9) Red in Tooth and Claw 10) Port Grosvenor 11) The Beat of a Drum 12) Conversation with a Cobbler 13) Hidden Track 14) Conservations with a Cobbler 15) The Machine 16) 5. Under the Umbrella 17) Swansong (Live at 161 Loop Sessions) 18) Coinsidence of Wants

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