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Andy James

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Andy James

Andy James is an electric guitarist from Norfolk, UK. He is perhaps best known as a regular contributor to "Lick Library", a dealer of guitar tuition videos, books and cds, where James specialises in teaching lead techniques for heavy rock and metal. Aside from this, James has also recorded solo albums in the wake of chaos, machine and andy james and is a member of the band sacred mother tongue. In his solo recordings Andy exhibits a predominant influence of Joe Satriani as well as other comparable guitar legends.

Artist Tags For Andy James

1) Instrumental 2) Guitar Virtuoso 3) Progressive Metal 4) Metal 5) Progressive

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Andy James

1) Angel of Darkness 2) What Lies Beneath 3) War March 4) In The Fading Light 5) The Storm 6) Burn It Down 7) Into the Void 8) Separation 9) In the Wake of Chaos 10) Never Back Down 11) Gateways 12) Bullet in the Head 13) Devils Day 14) Lost Without You 15) Shine On Through 16) Legion (Intro Interlude) 17) Broken Ballerina 18) Octavia 19) Revelation 20) Tapt 21) Ever After 22) Gates of Heaven 23) Dust in the Wind (Interlude) 24) Chaos Theory 25) Against the Gods 26) Victory 27) Machine 28) Synergy 29) The Awakening 30) Vortex Mind 31) Bella's Song 32) Jump To Light Speed 33) Made of Stone 34) Sevenfour 35) Equinox 36) Enter Through Fire 37) Avidity 38) The Wind That Shakes the Heart 39) After Midnight 40) Digital Scream 41) Universe 42) Asylum 43) Days Gone By 44) Freefall 45) Gone 46) Legion 47) Crimson Dawn 48) Hurricane 49) Dust in the Wind 50) As I Fall

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