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Ann Sweeten

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ann Sweeten

Ann Sweeten displayed an early interest in the keyboard, and her mother gave her a Hammond organ when she was six. Three years later, she received a Baldwin piano for Christmas. She studied privately with David Sokolof, then attended Smith College, from which she graduated c*m laude with a degree in foreign languages. Next, she took vocal lessons and founded a rock band called Fall Out. After two years, she returned to academia, attending the Boston Conservatory where she studied music, acting, singing, dance, and musical theater.

Artist Tags For Ann Sweeten

1) Piano 2) Instrumental 3) New Age 4) Ann Sweeten 5) Composer

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ann Sweeten

1) Echoes 2) Twilight 3) Autumn's Last Caress 4) Looking Back 5) Water Diamonds 6) A Place In The Sun 7) The Last Day Of April 8) Grey Sky and Bittersweet 9) Dawn on Red Mountain 10) Adrift 11) Ashes 12) Canopy of Stars 13) A Prayer for Shazu 14) Walking with the Wind 15) Grains of Sand 16) A Winter's Reverie 17) In the Shadows 18) Autumn's Child 19) Winding Roads 20) White Spirit 21) Smoke 22) Forgotten Summer 23) Summer Tomorrows 24) Castles in the Air 25) November Firelight 26) Rainbow Moon 27) Light from a Narrow Window 28) A Pillow in the Sky 29) Threshold 30) Eclipse 31) Cotton Candy Skies 32) Shades of September 33) A Moment in Time 34) Hearts Left Behind 35) Thin Ice 36) Solitude 37) Sateo 38) Falling, Still 39) Arrow 40) Send Me an Angel 41) A Trace of You 42) Shepherd Me 43) Riversong 44) Migration 45) Where Butterflies Dance 46) December Snow 47) Sapphire Days 48) Nikki's Song 49) Winter's Chill 50) The Hanging Road

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