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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Anugama

By bringing together the traditional instrumentation of exotic countries with a new age-style sense of self-exploration and a broad palette of electronic ambient sounds, producer/multi-instrumentalist Anugama garnered enough of a small cult following to sustain a prolific, long-winded career. Though born in Cologne, Germany, where he first developed his exceptional interest in music, Anugama's curiosity took him to far and distant lands. He spent his teens in Hamburg

Artist Tags For Anugama

1) New Age 2) Meditative 3) Ambient 4) World 5) Indian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Anugama

1) Magic Flow 2) Call Of The Search 3) Shaku Sunset 4) Morning Glory 5) The Empty Sky 6) Shamanic Journey 7) Kokopelli's Ritual 8) Eternal Traveller 9) Healing Earth 10) Song of the Whales 11) Aquarius 12) Shamanic Dream 13) Singing Water 14) Gentle Touch 15) Mystical Trance 16) Silent Joy 17) Golden Gate 18) Sweetness of the Earth 19) Chakra-Journey 20) Purple Dawn 21) Eastern Sun 22) Shamanic Journey (Om Shanti) 23) The Flow Of Let Go 24) Tantric Day 25) Rhythm of Love 26) Full Moon Night 27) Tropical Meeting 28) IO-Moon of Jupiter 29) Maui Samba 30) Tropical Morning 31) Dancing in the Light 32) Riding the wave 33) Morning Breeze II 34) Jungle of Joy 35) New Moon Rising 36) Children's Dream 37) Inner Waves 38) Spring Beauty 39) Ocean of Light 40) Morning Breeze I 41) African Journey 42) Silk Tree 43) Ocean and Tambura 44) Timeless 45) Open Sky 46) Skydance 47) Hula Magic 48) Spirit of the Forest 49) Morning Breeze 50) Tropical Mystery

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