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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Appleby

An artist whose existence could only happen through the internet, Appleby began his career in 2014 by uploading the song "Beauty in Destruction" to Soundcloud. The song itself, produced by drip-133 and Steamy Peen, channeled the shadowy "PBR&B" aesthetics of artist like The Weeknd while adding in the cadence and soul-bearing lyricism of artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake. The track quickly caught fire, and earned the respect of fellow alt-R&B star Corbin and his group The Stand4rd.

Artist Tags For Appleby

1) Hip-Hop 2) Pop 3) Sadcore 4) R&b 5) Lost Love

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Appleby

1) Young Lost Love 2) Castles 3) Like U 4) Lady Sunshine 5) Pages 6) How Many 7) Count on You 8) Drinkin' 9) ER 10) Castles (Prod. Elias Abid) 11) Echos 12) Find 13) How Many ft. Ayelle (prod. Rami Beatz) 14) Scars in Waiting 15) Glossy Ride (Wayfarer// Remix) 16) Rounded Edge (Prod. OZZIE) 17) How Many (feat. Ayelle) 18) Spit On Me 19) Rounded Edge 20) How Many feat. Ayelle (prod. Rami Beatz) 21) Bitter Boy (feat. Anthony White) 22) Beauty In Destruction 23) Breathe It Out 24) Spit On Me (Update) 25) BITTER BOY 26) Bitter Boy Feat. Anthony White 27) Overdose 28) Dead Mans Shoes 29) Spit On Me (Prod. HNRK) 30) 99 31) BITTER BOY ft. Anthony White (Prod. Illyland) 32) Bitter Boy (ft. Anthony White) 33) BITTER BOY Feat. Anthony White (prod. Illyland) 34) Spells 35) Random Love 36) Mercury 37) Soldier 38) The Fall of Your Rain 39) Glossy Ride 40) Random Love (Ft. Iris Temple) 41) Drinkin 42) Glossy Ride (feat. Anthony White) 43) Latest B.I.D 44) Random Love (feat. Iris Temple) 45) Glossy Ride Ft. Anthony White 46) 25 47) Early Grave 48) How Many (Ft. Ayelle) (Prod. Rami Beatz) 49) How Many (feat. Ayelle) [Prod. by Rami Beatz] 50) How Many (Original Mix) (ft. Ayelle)

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