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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Arabesque

There are at least six artists that go by the name Arabesque. 1) A German disco group, 2) A hip hop artist from Toronto, Ontario 3) A Dutch prog-metal band 4) A Siesta Records indie pop band lead by Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart, former members of Sarah Records band Blueboy (changing into Beaumont), 5) A traditional arabian group. 6) 1970s Progressive Rock band from Pittsburgh, PA 1) Arabesque was a famous German disco music group formed in 1977, consisting of Sandra Cretu (joined the group in 1979), Jasmin Vetter, and Michaela Rose.

Artist Tags For Arabesque

1) Disco 2) 70s 3) Pop 4) Dance 5) Euro Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Arabesque

1) Midnight Dancer 2) Al Salamah 3) Rakkadu 4) In for a Penny, in for a Pound 5) Friday Night 6) Atlas 7) Hello Mr. Monkey 8) Asmar 9) Lines Of Love 10) Lamma Badda (When She Arrived) 11) Stargazer 12) In the Heat of a Disco Night 13) Sahra 14) Rock Me After Midnight 15) Zanzibar 16) Alein Mulaiten (Princess Eyes) 17) Suspiro Del Moro 18) The Gneeveguilla Reel/Drag her Round the Road/The Golden Keyboar 19) Caballero 20) Born to Reggae 21) Billy's Barbeque 22) Marigot Bay 23) Ishtar (Karsilama) 24) In The Heat Of A Disco-Night 25) Marlboro Man 26) Ah Ia Zen 27) In The Heat Of A Disco-Night - Megamix-Version 28) Someone Is Waiting for You 29) Hello Mr.Monkey 30) Buggy Boy 31) Yasmin Namu 32) Nazar es Sahara (Desert Look) 33) Once in a Blue Moon 34) Fly High Little Butterfly 35) Peppermint Jack 36) Brace Yaself 37) Farah Kitir (Great Joy) 38) High Life 39) Farah 40) Jingle Jangle Joe 41) Make Love Whenever You Can 42) Lucifer's Lover 43) Six Times a Day 44) Dance Dance Dance 45) Hello, Mr. Monkey 46) Indio Boy 47) Love Is Just a Game 48) The Man With the Gun 49) A New Sensation 50) Give It Up

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