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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For B-Tribe

B-Tribe or the "The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters" is a musical project of the German-born musician and producer, Claus "The Brave" Zundel, also known for his Sacred Spirit project. Driven by the use of Classical Spanish guitar, and other elements of flamenco music, mixed with trance-like, ambient tunes. All the albums were recorded in Zundels's own studio on Ibiza, Spain. Spanish musician Paco Fernandez plays guitars and the cello parts are performed by Frankfort Radio Orchestra member Eric Plummetaz.

Artist Tags For B-Tribe

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Chillout 4) Spanish Guitar 5) Relaxing

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For B-Tribe

1) Angelic Voices (Rebirth remix) 2) The Sun 3) Angelic Voices [Rebirth Remix] 4) Sketches of St. Antoni 5) Angelic Voices 6) Matador De Sa Pena 7) Adagio in G-Minor 8) Intro 9) Ahoy 10) La Guitarra 11) Reprise: Spiritual 12) You Won't See Me Cry 13) Spiritual Spiritual 14) Demasiado 15) Sunset in St. Carlos 16) Las Salinas 17) Suave Suave 18) Hablando 19) Ode to Dolores del Rio 20) She Moves Through The Fair 21) Mi Alma Espanol 22) Sensual 23) Te Siento 24) Love 25) Interlude 26) Wisdom & Courage 27) Anika 28) Hablame 29) Intro (HDCD) 30) Nadie Entiende 31) Lo Siento 32) Yo Quiero Todo 33) Una Vez Mas 34) Luna Llena 35) Sometimes 36) Es Vedra (HDCD) 37) Don't be Emotional 38) Desesperada 39) Misterio/Interlude 40) Alegria 41) Overture (Concierto de Aranjuez) 42) !Libera Me! 43) Agua Azul 44) Nanita (A Spanish Lullaby) 45) Sensual Sensual 46) Suspiro 47) Intro: Sueno del Cielo 48) Ahoy Ahoy 49) Zapateado 50) La Guapa

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