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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Balligomingo

Garrett Schwarz was working as a business consultant for IBM when he'd finally had enough. He was no longer interested in corporate business, since the repetitive routine wasn't creative enough for this musician in the making. He had a hidden agenda and Balligomingo was it. Schwarz grew up in the Chicago suburb of Romeoville, later moving to Minneapolis during his senior year of high school. He was already fond of the electronic sounds of Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd thanks to his father's interests.

Artist Tags For Balligomingo

1) Ambient 2) Chillout 3) Electronic 4) Female Vocalists 5) New Age

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Balligomingo

1) Purify 2) Falling 3) Marooned 4) Heat 5) Escape 6) Wild Butterfly 7) Privilege 8) Lost 9) Sweet Allure 10) Beyond 11) Lust 12) New Favorite Thing 13) Being (Ambient Escape) 14) Sweet Allure (Cirrus Remix) 15) Purify (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit) 16) Purify (Moodswing Remix) 17) Purify (Chris Fortier & Neil Kolo's Fade Remix) 18) Sweet Allure (S.A.F. Alluring Club Mix) 19) Sweet Allure (EBAR Remix) 20) Purify (GusGus Remix (vocal)) 21) Sweet Allure (EBAR Dub) 22) Letting Go 23) A Beautiful Day 24) Purify (GusGus Remix (instrumental)) 25) You're a Star 26) Sunshine in Rain 27) Goodbye 28) New World 29) Under an Endless Sky 30) Dream Believer 31) La Bonita 32) Over You 33) Spinning 34) Spinning (Extended Version) 35) I Just Tell Myself 36) I Just Tell Myself (Extended Version) 37) Lust & Being (Ambient Escape) 38) Goodbye (Jeratone Remix) 39) I Just Tell Myself (Acoustic Mix) 40) Sunshine in Rain (Acoustic Mix) 41) Beyond (Beverly Staunton) 42) Last Words 43) A Beautiful Day (Piano Mix) 44) Being 45) Being - Ambient Escape 46) Wounded 47) New Favorite Things (Featuring Lucy Woodward) 48) Dream Believer (Acoustic Mix) 49) Being (Bonus) 50) Spinning (Feat. Rebecca Ramone)

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