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Big Dumb Face

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Big Dumb Face

Big Dumb Face is an avant-garde metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, which was formed by Wes Borland in 1998. Big Dumb Face's primary musical style was humorous, but was also very diverse, with Ween and Mr. Bungle being cited as key influences. Big Dumb Face originated from Borland wanting to make use of guitar riffs he had written for Limp Bizkit that the rest of the band did not want to use, as well as from his fascination with the band Ween.

Artist Tags For Big Dumb Face

1) Metal 2) Alternative 3) Death Metal 4) Death-Country Metal 5) Fun

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Big Dumb Face

1) Duke Lion 2) Blood Red Head On Fire 3) Mighty Penis Laser 4) Burgalveist 5) Kali is the Sweethog 6) Fightin' Stance 7) Robot 8) Space Adventure 9) Rebel 10) Voices in the Wall 11) Organ Splitter 12) It's Right In Here 13) He Rides the Skies 14) Warning 15) Zargon Moth 16) Jesus Retreats 17) Magic Guillotine 18) You're Fucked 19) Call To Worship 20) The Blood Maiden 21) The Goat is Dead 22) Masters Of Chaos 23) Where Did All The Good Guys Go? 24) The Ancient Gods Awaken 25) My Girl Daisy 26) Whipping The Hodeus 27) Munchkin War Song 28) Darkness Becomes 29) Kail Is The Sweethog 30) Count Her Fit 31) Beer And Fags 32) Asshole 33) Ride The Snake 34) You're F****d 35) Naughty Boy 36) Greasejob 3.4 37) Summer Gold 38) Boatpincher 39) Midget Porn Groove 40) Super Mario Theme (Techno) 41) Doll Fish 42) Blood Red Head On Fire [Album Version] 43) Duke Lion [Album Version] 44) Voices In The Wall [Album Version] 45) Duke Lion Fights The Terror 46) Kali Is The Sweethog [Album Version] 47) Burgalveist [Album Version] 48) Mighty Penis Laser [Album Version] 49) big_dumb_face_-_duke_lion 50) Organ Splitter [Album Version]

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