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Black Snake Moan

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Black Snake Moan

1). Black Snake Moan is a One Man Band. Constricted by the Black Snake King, in a nightmare of a dark night, almost overpowered by the tightening coils of the unconscious. I awakened from the power of the Snake. The reaction is unsettling. Everything is moving following a new rhythm, an inner rhythm, a spiritual dance: contraction and relaxation, a new reality. Author of his nightmare, author of his spiritual awakening. Stories of Dreams & Nightmares.

Artist Tags For Black Snake Moan

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial 3) California 4) Metal 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Black Snake Moan

1) Faces 2) Blind Lemon Jefferson 3) when the lights go out 4) Just Like A Bird Without A Feather 5) alice mae 6) black snake moan 7) The Losing Kind 8) standing in my doorway crying 9) Stack-O-Lee 10) Funeral Season Blues 11) Old Black Snake 12) Never 13) morning train 14) lord have mercy on me 15) chicken heads 16) opening theme 17) Ronnie And Rae's Theme 18) the chain 19) old black mattie 20) Baby 21) Snake Mantra 22) My Hill 23) mean ol' wind died down 24) Chains 25) Don't Forget My Wild Love 26) Desert 27) When The Lights Go Out-(w Black Keys) 28) Stackolee 29) Tension 30) Samuel L. Jackson - Black Snake Moan 31) Scott Bomar - Opening Theme 32) Bobby Rush - Chicken Heads 33) Title Track 34) Samuel L. Jackson - Stackolee 35) Samuel L. Jackson - Alice Mae 36) Obsidian 37) Samuel L. Jackson - Just Like A Bird Without A Feather 38) The Black Keys - When The Lights Go Out 39) Curtains 40) Meal Ol' Wind Died Down 41) Stackolee[Samuel L. Jackson] 42) Jessie Mae Hemphill - Standing In My Doorway Crying 43) Moanin' king Snake 44) John Doe - The Losing Kind 45) Scott Bomar - The Chain 46) Outrageous Cherry - Lord Have Mercy On Me 47) Scott Bomar - Ronnie And Rae's Theme 48) Precious Bryant - Morning Train 49) Black Snake Moan - Obsidian 50) Static

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