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Blind Zero

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Blind Zero

The first Portuguese rock band to achieve gold sales status in its homeland by singing in English, alternative rockers Blind Zero came together in the early '90s. Their debut EP, Recognize, was released in 1995 and became a collector's item since it sold out so quickly. Their debut album, 1995's Trigger, partnered the band with Jane's Addiction/Alice in Chains producer Ronnie S. Champagne. Flexogravity from 1996 found the band flirting with hip-hop, while Transradio from the same year was an acoustic affair.

Artist Tags For Blind Zero

1) Seen Live 2) Portuguese 3) Rock 4) Alternative Rock 5) Portugal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Blind Zero

1) Shine On 2) Tree 3) Snow Girl 4) Slow Time Love 5) Black Rose 6) Trace 7) Day 1 8) Can't Hold You Down 9) Skull 10) Gasoline Boy 11) Perfect Skin 12) Absent Without Permission 13) Super 8 14) Tomorrow is a Promise 15) You Owe Us Blood 16) Turn It On 17) Back To The Fire 18) Pressure 19) Prudence, One Love, My Redemption 20) Trashing the Beauty 21) I Am Aware 22) Fun House 23) From You 24) Hanging Wall 25) Two Days 26) Palace of Amusements 27) Loose Ends 28) The Down Set is Tonight 29) How The Wind Blows 30) The Bet 31) Big Brother 32) The Tallest Building On Earth 33) Recognize 34) On the Dawn of a Title 35) All Alone We Dance 36) Violent Day 37) About Now 38) Another One 39) The Big Truth 40) Toxic 41) Then You Wait 42) Eternal Search of Balance 43) Woman 44) Sad Empire 45) Bizarma 46) No Soul 47) Return to Sender 48) Into the Mystic 49) You in Your Arms 50) No Way, Jose!

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