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Brett Garsed

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Brett Garsed

Brett is an Australian guitar player well known for his work with local pop icon John Farnham and the rock band Nelson. To guitar aficionados he is probably best known for his scintillating instrumental collaborations with US guitarist TJ Helmerich. Their two releases for the now-defunct Legato Records label, Quid Pro Quo and Exempt, are among the most sought-after albums of the genre. Brett's most recent recording projects include the Uncle Moe's Space Ranch album featuring TJ Helmerich

Artist Tags For Brett Garsed

1) Fusion 2) Jazz Fusion 3) Guitar 4) Instrumental 5) Guitar Virtuoso

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Brett Garsed

1) Undoing 2) Bad Luck Go Away 3) Brothers 4) Breathe 5) Drowning 6) Trinity 7) Got The Horn 8) Fu'd Fight 9) Friend Or Foe 10) Big Sky 11) The Myth 12) Android 13) Dark Matter 14) Avoid the Void 15) If Only 16) Poison Dwarf 17) James Bong (License to Chill) 18) Be Here Now 19) Closure 20) Enigma 21) Colliding Chimps 22) Minx 23) Swarming Goblets 24) 25) Sighborg 26) I Want a Pine Cone 27) A Thousand Days 28) He's Havin' All That's His to Be Had 29) Vein Of Gold 30) Unaccompanied Solo 31) James Bong 32) Audio Rhumba 33) Valentimes Day 34) Dad's Speakers 35) Megan 36) Inspired Weak 37) Crystal Voyager 38) T.J earth 39) Moe's Town 40) Ella's Hotel 41) Subway 42) A Musical Oasis Awaits Us 43) Poison Dwarf sample 44) Horizon Dream 45) My Hope 46) The Lord's My Shepherd 47) Cherokee 48) Snout! 49) Quid Pro Quo 50) Dirty Work

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