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Burning Spear

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Burning Spear

Winston Rodney (born March 1, 1945), also known as Burning Spear, is a Jamaican roots reggae singer and musician. Like many famous Jamaican reggae artists, Burning Spear is known for his Rastafari movement messages. Rodney was born in Saint Ann's Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica, as were Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey; who both had a great influence on Rodney's life. Garvey in his philosophy, which Burning Spear greatly took to, and Marley in directly helping Burning Spear get started in the music industry.

Artist Tags For Burning Spear

1) Reggae 2) Roots Reggae 3) Dub 4) Roots 5) Jamaican

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Burning Spear

1) Marcus Garvey 2) Slavery Days 3) Old Marcus Garvey 4) Tradition 5) Jordan River 6) Man In The Hills 7) Live Good 8) Columbus 9) Resting Place 10) Give Me 11) The Invasion 12) Hail H.I.M. 13) Door Peep 14) African Teacher 15) Social Living 16) The Sun 17) I And I Survive 18) Throw Down Your Arms 19) No More War 20) Jah No Dead 21) Hail H.I.M - 2002 Remastered Version 22) African Postman 23) Black Soul 24) Lion 25) Marcus Say Jah No Dead 26) Marcus Children Suffer 27) Road Foggy 28) Pick Up the Pieces 29) 2000 Years 30) Institution 31) The Ghost (Marcus Garvey) 32) It's A Long Way Around 33) Black Disciples 34) Jah Kingdom 35) Dry and Heavy 36) Estimated Prophet 37) People Get Ready 38) Ethiopians Live It Out 39) Black Wa-Da-Da 40) Dry & Heavy 41) Repatriation 42) Follow Marcus Garvey 43) Invasion 44) Fire Down Below 45) It's Good 46) Black Wa-Da-Da (Invasion) 47) Jah See and Know 48) Mek We Dweet 49) I And I Survive (Slavery Days) 50) Mother

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Burning Spear