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C.C. Catch

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For C.C. Catch

Caroline Catharina Müller (born July 31, 1964), known as C.C.Catch, is a German pop singer and composer. Caroline was born in Oss (the Netherlands). She moved with her family to Germany in the late 1970s. In 1980 she was a member of the girl quartet "Optimal". After that (starting in 1985) she cooperated with Dieter Bohlen under the name C.C.Catch. Dieter Bohlen was the driving force behind her records, writing and producing all the songs. This was the main reason for the ending of their collaboration in 1989.

Artist Tags For C.C. Catch

1) 80s 2) Disco 3) Pop 4) Dance 5) Female Vocalists

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For C.C. Catch

1) Strangers By Night 2) I Can Lose My Heart Tonight 3) Heaven and Hell 4) Cause You Are Young 5) Soul Survivor 6) Heartbreak Hotel 7) Summer Kisses 8) 'Cause You Are Young 9) Back Seat Of Your Cadillac 10) Are You Man Enough 11) Backseat of Your Cadillac 12) Jump In My Car 13) Big Time 14) Nothing But A Heartache 15) One Night's Not Enough 16) House of Mystic Lights 17) heartbreak hotel (room 69-mix) 18) Midnight Gambler 19) Dancing In Shadows 20) Good Guys Only Win in Movies 21) Hollywood Nights 22) C.C. Catch-Megamix '98 (Short Version) 23) Like a Hurricane 24) Anniversary Mega-Mix (Single Edit) 25) Nothing But A Heartache (Radio Mix) 26) You Can't Run Away From It 27) Soul Survivor (Long Version - Survivor Mix) 28) Don't Be A Hero 29) Picture Blue Eyes 30) Baby I Need Your Love 31) Don't Wait Too Long 32) Born On The Wind 33) You Shot A Hole In My Soul 34) Stay 35) Wild Fire 36) I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Extended Club Remix) 37) Strangers by Night (Maxi-Version) 38) Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache 39) Strangers by Night - Maxi-Version 40) Cause You Are Young - Maxi-Version 41) Are You Serious 42) Little By Little 43) I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi-Version) 44) Cause You Are Young - Maxi Version 45) Fire Of Love 46) Do You Love As You Look 47) Heartbeat City 48) Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight 49) Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version) 50) Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around

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