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Cam Groves

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cam Groves

Cam Groves is an audacious rapper from Maine commonly associated with fellow artist Spose. Although his work is generally classified as Hip-hop, his music has twists and turns, from rap to pop. He relates to the middle class of America more than anthing else, with real life scenarios embeded in his songs. When he began rapping in his teens, he faced controversy galore, but showed the people that he was exactly what he said he was, unlike many other emcees.

Artist Tags For Cam Groves

1) Maine 2) Hip Hop/Rap 3) Maine Rap

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cam Groves

1) This Is Who I Am 2) I Know What You're Doing 3) Crab Cakes 4) My Life's A Mess 5) Studio Beat-Box 6) Friend First 7) Stand Still 8) Hot For A Heavy 9) Pinata (feat. Spose) 10) It's Just Life 11) I Got Rhymes 12) So Damn Good 13) Freedom 14) Mr. Nice Guy 15) Drag My Dick 16) You Won't Stop Me 17) Diamond in the Rough 18) What Up World 19) Grovenistic (Intro) 20) Backwoods 'n Bitches 21) Naked With You 22) Win! (feat. Spose) 23) Not the One 24) Broke Like Me 25) Hit the Road 26) Tim Tebow 27) Ex Games 28) Day By Day 29) Backwoods & Duchies (feat. Ock Cousteau) 30) Crack Hat Music 31) Lots Of Money 32) Kick Back 33) Baby Blue Plaid 34) Fun Song 35) Good Time 36) I’m So Nice 37) Murderah’ 38) There We Go Again (feat. Syn The Shaman) 39) It’s Time 40) What Now 41) Kings Of The Ant Hill 42) D.I.Y. 43) Pinata 44) Backwoods N' Bitches 45) This Feeling 46) So Damn Good (feat. Spose) 47) Reasons 48) Comeback 49) Man Of Many 50) Loner

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