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Carl Douglas

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Carl Douglas

Carlton George Douglas (born Oct 10th 1942) is a Jamaican-born, UK-resident singer. He is most famous for his song "Kung Fu Fighting", which hit number one on both the US Billboard Chart and the UK Singles Chart in 1974. In the wake of his #1, Douglas released other hit tracks including "Dance The Kung Fu" and "Run Back", but the fame of his homage to martial arts films overshadowed the rest of the singer's career. Kung Fu Fighting has been the subject of numerous remixes,and Carl has made appearances on cover versions of the song.

Artist Tags For Carl Douglas

1) Disco 2) Funk 3) 70s 4) Pop 5) 80s

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Carl Douglas

1) Kung Fu Fighting 2) Kung Fu Fighting  3) Dance the Kung Fu 4) I Want to Give You My Everything 5) Kung-Fu Fighting 6) Run Back 7) serving a sentence of life 8) When You Got Love 9) Kung Fu Fighting (Celebration Time) 10) Too Hot to Handle 11) Changing Times 12) Witchfinder General 13) Kung fu fighting(original) 14) I Don't Care What People Say 15) Never Had This Dream Before 16) Green Tangerines and Wild Evergreens 17) Kung Fu Fighting - Dave Ruffy/Mark Wallis Remix 18) Girl You're So Fine 19) Mistakes of Mine 20) everybody was kung fu fighting 21) Kong Fu Fighting 22) Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting 23) M.O.R.F. - Instrumental 24) I'll Be Your Light 25) Kung Fu Fighting (1974 No.1 Single) 26) Kung Fu Fightin 27) Love, Peace and Happiness 28) Stand Up for Love 29) I'll Keep Lovin' You 30) Love, Peace & Happiness 31) Blue Eyed Soul - Instrumental 32) Honest Women 33) Shanghai'd 34) Kung Fu Fighting - Noiseshaper Remix 35) Blue Eyed Soul 36) Kung Fu Fighting (rob Smith Dub Cuts) 37) Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting 38) Kung Fu Fighting (Uptone Remix) 39) Kung Fu Fighting [1974 No.1 Single] 40) Kung Fu Fighting - Uptone Remix 41) [carl Douglas] Kung Fu Fighting 42) Time After Time 43) Kung Fu Fighting 2011 44) Kung Fu Fighting (Dance Mix) 45) Serving A Sentence On Life 46) Charmer 47) Kung Fu Fighting (Original Recording - 1974 No.1 Single) 48) Kung Fu Fighting (Dave Ruffy/Mark Wallis Remix) 49) Kung Fu Fighting (1974) 50) Something For Nothing

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Carl Douglas