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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cazzette

CAZZETTE is an Swedish DJ duo consisting of Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund. The duo represent the second baby of Ash Pournouri from AT NIGHT MANAGEMENT (same manager behind the meteoric rise of AVICII) with the name launched from nothing on June 9, 2011. Within days, CAZZETTE released their first release, a remix for Avicii entitled "Sweet Dreams (CAZZETTE meet AT NIGHT Mix) "on JOIA RECORDS and it's been charting at the Top20 on Beatport Top100 General Charts for 6 weeks straight.

Artist Tags For Cazzette

1) House 2) Swedish 3) Electronic 4) Dubstep 5) Progressive House

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cazzette

1) Sleepless - Radio Edit 2) Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Radio Edit) 3) Blind Heart - Radio Edit 4) Sleepless (feat. The High) - Radio Edit 5) Together - Radio Edit 6) Weapon (Radio Edit) 7) On The Road (Master Intro) 8) Run For Cover (Instrumental Mix) 9) Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Original Mix) 10) Run For Cover 11) Blue Sky 12) Sleepless - Club Edit 13) Beam Me Up - Radio Edit 14) Hit Da Face (Instrumental Mix) 15) Beam Me Up 16) Cream (Instrumental Mix) 17) Static 18) She Wants Me Dead - CAZZETTE vs. AronChupa 19) The Rat (Original Mix) 20) I Surrender (Extended Mix) 21) Oceans 22) Blind Heart - Didrick Remix 23) Oceans - Dexter Remix 24) Downfall (Original Mix) 25) Missing You 26) Endorphine (Instrumental Mix) 27) Handful Of Gold 28) Sleepless - Dear David Remix 29) In Time 30) Renegade (Original Mix) 31) Weapon 32) On The Road 33) Run The World 34) Handful Of Gold - Hounded Remix 35) Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) 36) Run Run 37) The Coming (Instrumental Mix) 38) Sleepless - Oliver Nelson Remix 39) Genius 40) State of Bliss 41) Blood Theme (Bonus Track) (Original Mix) 42) Weapon (Vicetone Remix) 43) Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Instrumental Mix) 44) Cream 45) Hit Da Face 46) I Surrender 47) On My Mind - Single Mix 48) The Rat 49) Endorphine 50) Downfall

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