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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Change

There are at least four bands/artists with the name Change: 1: This great band is one of the best, but also one of the most underrated ensembles in the soul, disco and R&B genres during the first half of the 80s. They created a catchy, smooth and polished disco, and later R&B and pop funk sound, with a touch of heaven. Here is the story about the group that might let them shine a little bit longer and perhaps do so for new music lovers as well, they certainly deserve it!

Artist Tags For Change

1) Disco 2) Funk 3) Soul 4) 80s 5) 80s Groove

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Change

1) The Glow of Love 2) Angel In My Pocket 3) Change Of Heart 4) Searching 5) A Lover's Holiday 6) Hold Tight 7) Change Of Heart (Single Version) 8) Paradise 9) A Lover's Holiday - Single Version 10) A Lovers Holiday 11) You Are My Melody 12) Let's Go Together 13) The End 14) Hold Tight - Full Length Album Mix 15) A Lovers'S Holiday - Jim Burgess Mix 16) Savior 17) Change Of Heart - Full Length Album Mix 18) A Lover's Holiday - A Jim Burgess Mix 19) Real Lyricists 20) It's a Girl's Affair 21) Heaven of My Life 22) One Love 23) Miracles 24) For The Money 25) The Very Best In You 26) This Is Your Time 27) Mutual Attraction 28) Say You Love Me Again 29) Don't Wait Another Night 30) A Land Called Ghetto 31) Blue Skies 32) A Lovers Holiday - Remastered 12" Version 33) Mount Up 34) It Burns Me Up 35) Your Move 36) On Top 37) Heaven Of My Life - Full Length Album Mix 38) Change of Heart - Single Version 39) Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright) 40) Angel In My Pocket - Extended Version 41) A Lover's Holiday (LP Version) 42) Warm 43) Got To Get Up 44) A Lovers Holiday - Alternate Version 45) The Glow Of Love - Long Version 46) Paradise (Remastered Version) 47) A Lovers Holiday (Alternate Version) 48) Turn on Your Radio 49) Searching (LP Version) 50) It's a Girls Affair

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Change

1) The Best of Change (disc 1) 2) The Very Best Of Change 3) The Glow Of Love 4) The Glow of Love (Original Album and Rare Tracks) 5) Same as it Never Was 6) Miracles 7) Paradise (Dance Collection) 8) Change Of Heart 9) Collection 10) Miracles (Original Album and Rare Tracks) 11) (null) 12) This Is Your Time 13) Journey Into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story 14) Change of Heart / Turn On Your Radio (Special Expanded Edition) 15) Change of Heart (Original Album and Rare Tracks) 16) Turn On Your Radio 17) Greatest Hits & Rare Tracks 18) The Best of Change 19) Sharing Your Love 20) Yoùre My Girl 21) Late Night Tales Presents Automatic Soul (Selected and Mixed By Groove Armada's Tom Findlay) 22) Change Your Mind / The Remix Album (Special Expanded Edition) 23) The Essential Collection 24) Turn On Your Radio (Original Album and Rare Tracks) 25) The Glow of Love / Miracles (Special Expanded Edition) 26) Loving You 27) Greatest Hits Rare Tracks 28) Hit or Miss 29) Mutual Attraction (Disco Mix - Original 12 Inch Version) 30) Kontor Sunset Chill Ibiza Edition 31) Love 4 Love 32) Love Songs Collection 33) Anthems Disco 34) Take On Me - 80's The Collection 35) Magical Night (Greatest Hits Special Price) 36) Ministry_Of_Sound__Funk_Soul_Classics 37) 12" Disco 38) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Soundtrack Vol.5 - Paradise FM 39) Soul Funk & Disco Classics 40) The Glow Of Love (US Release) 41) Journey Into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story (Remastered) 42) Change: Greatest Hits & Rare Tracks 43) The Glow of Love / Miracles 44) Extended And Remix - Italo Disco Rare Tracks 45) Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Soundtrack - Volume 08 "K109 The Studio" 46) Soul Funk Masterpiece Vol. 1 47) The Very Best Of Change (US Release) 48) Sharing Your Love / This Is Your Time (Special Expanded Edition) 49) 50) Top 100 80s

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