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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Chaotica

CHAOTICA is an electronic rock band created by Danny Chaotic, who writes, performs, produces, and records the majority of the music on the band's albums. Originally formed in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1997, the now Phoenix-based CHAOTICA offers high-energy music composed of a combination of elements from industrial, metal, techno, dance, and alternative rock. With haunting subject matter, catchy melodies, and addictive hooks, CHAOTICA delivers a dark

Artist Tags For Chaotica

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial 3) Electronic 4) Rock 5) Punk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Chaotica

1) Unstable 2) I Despise 3) Prison of Decay 4) When She Falls 5) Mr. Vanity 6) Something Wicked 7) Church of Man 8) Katie's Pet Bird 9) Follow Me Down 10) House of Red Tape 11) Alone in the Crowd 12) Ultra Violence 13) Pull You Down 14) Turbocharger 15) Assimilate 16) Lobotomy 17) Black Rose 18) Attack Formation 19) Worlds Without Skies 20) I Stand Erected 21) Drill 22) Progress 23) Shadows 24) Hypergasm 25) Project Desensitize 26) Anarchy 27) Dystopia 28) Liberation Nation 29) Goodbye Turquoise 30) Eulogy 31) Further I Fall 32) The One to Blame 33) Tear It Down 34) The One Who Destroyed 35) Disaster 36) End of Everything 37) FINANCIAL$ 38) Dark Energy 39) Sick Sh!t 40) Strange Behaviour 41) When She Falls (Ratprick Remix) 42) Tear It Down (Stratos Remix) 43) When She Falls (Krushzone Remix) 44) Where Was God? 45) Powerdrill (Krushzone remix) 46) Where was God 47) Unstable with Lyrics 48) Unstable (Nightcore Mix) 49) / Church of Man 50) Ultra Violence (Fat Man/Little Boy remix)

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