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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Chinah

The members of the Danish trio CHINAH have connected across three very different musical backgrounds. And together they have reached something new for all of them: Blue-tinted electronic pop music with delicate melodies, laidback vocals and sincere lyrics. Just listen to their first single ' Away From Me'. Being the daughter of a banjo player, singer Fine Glindvad grew up travelling around Europe among folk musicians. The guitarist, Simon Kjær Lauridsen, comes from the twisted-minded indie and free jazz environments.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Chinah

1) Away From Me 2) We Go Back 3) Minds 4) Strange Is Better 5) We Go Back - Jarami Remix 6) Even Love 7) Can't Remember How It Feels 8) Colder 9) Colder - Single Edit 10) Real Thing? 11) Never The Same 12) If You Can Feel This 13) Mysterious 14) The Space Another Made 15) Yeah Right 16) If I Stay 17) Away From Me - Gramercy Remix 18) We Go Back (feat. Skizzy Mars) - Jarami Remix 19) Ideal 20) Give Me Life 21) All Your Words 22) Give Me Life - A COLORS SHOW 23) Young 24) Promise 25) Anyone 26) Minds (Ark Patrol Remix) 27) Drown Me 28) Away From Me (Michah Remix) 29) What I've Become 30) Everything Is New 31) Eternal Blue 32) We Go Back (Jarami Remix feat. Skizzy Mars) 33) Seconds of Heaven 34) Nowhere 35) Adrenaline 36) Someday 37) Obsessed 38) Simple 39) Tailor 40) Feels Like Forever 41) Can't Remember How It Feels (Interlude) 42) Shine 43) Monster/Sirens 44) Away From Me (Gramercy Remix) 45) Monster Sirens 46) We Go Back (Jarami Remix Ft. Skizzy Mars) 47) Colder (Single Edit) 48) Cant' Remember How It Feels (Interlude) 49) Give Me Life | A COLORS SHOW 50) Enka Danmu

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