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Collateral Damage

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Collateral Damage

Formed in 2006, Collateral Damage consists of the 3 Kordos brothers and cousin Daniel. The name Collateral Damage was inspired primarily by the deaths of innocent civilians caused by world leaders *cough George Dubbya cough* who were then described as nothing more but "Collateral Damage", as an attempt to cover up the thousands killed in the name of greed. With their love for punk and metal, they attempted to fuse the two genres to create the sounds you hear today.

Artist Tags For Collateral Damage

1) Hardcore 2) Metal 3) Laugh Metal 4) Heavy Metal 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Collateral Damage

1) Rick (instrumental) 2) senin icin (piano) 3) [Decency commission] 4) Prolog 5) Intro (Overture Pt.1) 6) Rick 7) Hammock (feat. Uncel Vincent) 8) Aftercare (instrumental) 9) It's just a shame (instrumental) 10) Our new song 11) Aftercare 12) blood-shot front 13) r3e1x 14) Projekt 128 15) Pizzaman 16) It's just a shame 17) So It Cames 18) ReRickEd 19) Solid Steel (Nov 07) 20) Senin icin 21) Holding My Breath 22) Go on Vacation (feat. AC-Zero) 23) Cadogan's Theme (Nylon Guitar) 24) Zadok The Priest (feat. Georg Friedrich Händel) 25) blood-shot front (instrumental) 26) So Much Better 27) Balance 28) Your Presence 29) I Am Not That Man 30) Overtones 31) You Decide 32) My Butterfly 33) Cadogan's Theme (Piano) 34) If You Survive 35) Nation 36) Enlist Me 37) Harry's Theme (feat. John Williams) 38) Outro 39) The Carnival 40) Administer Control 41) Drag Me to Hell 42) bloomer 43) [Favorite Disease] 44) StIiL tHe OnE 45) Senin icin (Pt.2) 46) Touch the Fire 47) Billion Dollar Jail 48) Shot to the Fog 49) Seven.00 50) Collateral Damage

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