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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Combichrist

"Combichrist" is an aggrotech group, formed in Norway and currently based in the United States. In 2003 Andy LaPlegua of "Icon of Coil" wrote a few power noise/techno cross over tracks under the name of "D.R.I.V.E.". This was changed to "Combichrist" when the debut album, "The Joy of Gunz" was set to be released on Out Of Line. The name Combichrist originates from a hardcore fanzine LaPlegua made during the late 90s, with "JR Ewing" guitarist HÃ¥kon Mella.

Artist Tags For Combichrist

1) Industrial 2) Ebm 3) Dark Electro 4) Electronic 5) Powernoise

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Combichrist

1) Get Your Body Beat 2) Blut Royale 3) Electrohead 4) Without Emotions 5) Enjoy the Abuse 6) Sent to Destroy 7) Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood 8) All Pain Is Gone 9) Shut Up and Swallow 10) Never Surrender 11) This Is My Rifle 12) Throat Full of Glass 13) Deathbed 14) Adult Content 15) In the Pit 16) Red 17) Give Head If You Got It 18) Feed Your Anger 19) I'm Happy Anyway 20) God Bless 21) Like to Thank My Buddies 22) This Shit Will Fuck You Up 23) All Your Bass Belongs to Us 24) I Want Your Blood 25) This S*it Will Fcuk You Up 26) Lying Sack of Shit 27) Scarred 28) Tractor 29) Kickstart the Fight 30) Intruder Alert 31) Brain Bypass 32) Are You Connected 33) Happy Fcuking Birthday 34) God Wrapped in Plastic 35) Get Out of My Head 36) Play Dead 37) No Afterparty 38) Can't Change the Beat 39) You Will Be the Bitch Now 40) Joy to the World 41) What The F**k Is Wrong With You? 42) Fuckmachine 43) Maggots At the Party 44) Turmoil 45) Anatomy 46) Declamation 47) Today We Are All Demons 48) Bulletfuck 49) Master Control 50) Fuck That Shit

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Combichrist

1) Everybody Hates You 2) What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People 3) Today We Are All Demons 4) Making Monsters 5) The Joy of Gunz 6) Get Your Body Beat 7) Sex, Drogen und Industrial 8) We Love You 9) No Redemption (Official DMC Devil May Cry Soundtrack) 10) Frost EP: Sent to Destroy 11) This Is Where Death Begins 12) Kiss the Blade 13) (null) 14) What the F*ck Is Wrong with You People? 15) No Redemption 16) Throat Full of Glass 17) Frost EP Sent To Destroy 18) Never Surrender 19) What The F**k Is Wrong With You People? 20) Today We Are All Demons-Dark Side 21) Heat EP: All Pain Is Beat 22) What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People? 23) One Fire 24) Noise Collection Vol.1 25) Joy of Gunz 26) Scarred 27) Never Surrender CDS 28) We Love You (Deluxe) 29) Sex, Drogen & Industrial 30) Everybody Hates You [Germany Bonus Tracks] Disc 1 31) Sex Drogen und Industrial CDM 32) Heat Ep - All Pain Is Beat 33) Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans 34) From My Cold Dead Hands 35) Broken : United 36) Noise Collection Vol. 1 37) Guns at Last Dawn 38) From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixes) 39) Hate Like Me (Single Edit) 40) Understand 41) Industrial For The Masses Vol. 42) Scarred MCD 43) Get your boday beat 44) Everybody Hates You (bonus disc) 45) We Love You (Deluxe Edition) 46) No Redemption - The Official DmC: Devil May Cry Combichrist Soundtrack - Disc 1 47) No Redemption - The Official DmC: Devil May Cry Combichrist Soundtrack - Disc 2 48) Blut Royale Vinyl 49) Carpe Noctem 50) Industrial Legacy Vol. 1

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