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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Corciolli

Brazilian composer, producer and keyboardist, Corciolli was born on the 8th of January, 1968, in São Paulo. He always loved the sounds that electronic synthesizers can produce and at the age of 13, he began to take piano classes with Mrs. Nair Talbet (disciple of Magdalena Tagliaferro). Later he started playing in several bands and under the orientation of Mr. Cacho Souza he expanded his knowledge of popular music and jazz. In the year of 1986 he started the Architecture´s College and work as a professional musician as well.

Artist Tags For Corciolli

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Chillout 4) Relax 5) Celta

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Corciolli

1) Jasmim - Sensibilidade (Yasmin - Sensibility) 2) Hypnotize Me 3) Graduale 4) Book of Memories 5) Orátio 6) Highlander 7) Alarum 8) Eucalipto Purificante (Purifying Eucalyptus) 9) Saudação Ao Sol (Gretting to the Sun) 10) Bálsamo - Estimulante Sexual (Balm - Sexual Stimulating) 11) In Principio 12) Iona_ Ilha dos Druidas (Iona_ Druids Island) 13) Prosperidade_ Vento (Prosperity_ Wind) 14) Toledo 15) Camomila - Calmante (Camomile - Soothing) 16) Pranayama 17) Rain 18) Rescue_Para Equilíbrio e Serenidade em Qualquer Situaçåo de Emergência (Rescue_ For the Balance and Serenity on any Emergency Situation) 19) Passeio Das Ondas (Waves Walk) 20) The Pearl 21) Children (Lake) 22) Real Dancer 23) Work (Water) 24) Anael_Anjo do Amor (Anael_The Angel of Love) 25) Garden Of Eden 26) Water 27) Lumen Naturne 28) Cantareira 29) Acolhida (Shelted) 30) Breve Retorno (Soon Return) 31) Visita Interiora 32) Lumen Naturae 33) Determinação (Determination) 34) The Great Wall 35) Vapor 36) Dedalus 37) Friends (Sky) 38) Ignis Noster 39) Cathedrals 40) Crianças_ Lago (Children_Lake) 41) Fama_ Fogo (Fame_Fire) 42) Trinum Perfectum 43) Angelus 44) In Your Eyes 45) Sea 46) Relacionamentos_Terra (Relationships_ Earth) 47) Canela - Energizante (Energizing - Cinnamon) 48) Fluir (Flow) 49) Templo de Cristal (Crystal Temple) 50) All That Binds Us

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