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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Cusco

Cusco is a German New Age band named after the Peruvian city of Cuzco. Their songs contain influences from music found around the world. It comprises Michael Holm and Kristian Schultze. Michael Holm had long been fascinated with Cusco, the ancient region of Peru. Being a musician he wanted to show his fascination in the form of a musical tribute to the ancient world of Cusco. He met Kristian Schultz in 1978 and found out that they shared same musical and historical tastes.

Artist Tags For Cusco

1) New Age 2) Instrumental 3) Pan Flute 4) Chillout 5) Electronica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Cusco

1) Tigris & Euphrates 2) Montezuma 3) Conquistadores 4) Kublai Khan 5) Aphrodite 6) Oracle of Delphi 7) Land of the Midnight Sun 8) The Horsemen of Bulgar 9) Ariadne 10) Poseidon 11) The Crusades 12) The Journeys of Marco Polo 13) Eros and Psyche 14) Janus 15) Da Gama (feat. Ottmar Liebert) 16) Byzantium 17) The Nine Muses 18) Pan and the Nymph 19) Orpheus and Eurydice 20) Odysseus and the Sirens 21) Ghost Dance 22) The Hunt 23) White Buffalo 24) Geronimo's Laughter 25) Legend in the Redwoods 26) Flying Condor 27) Medicine Man 28) Tupac Amaru 29) Flute Battle 30) Little Pigeon and Crazy Horse 31) Pahrump - Big Water 32) Inca Dance 33) Waters of Cesme 34) Tula 35) North Easter 36) Maya Temple 37) Apurimac 38) Inca Bridges 39) Dream Catcher 40) Quetzal's Feather 41) Da Gama 42) Solitude 43) Dreamcatcher 44) Kokopelli's Dream (Featuring Craig Chaquico) 45) Montezuma - Original Mix 46) Andes 47) Fighting Inca 48) Alcatraz 49) Pisces 50) Lonely Rose

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