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DJ Shog

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For DJ Shog

Sven Greiner aka DJ Shog was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1976. In the middle of the nineties he began to develop his interest for electronic music and deejaying. After the usual first steps at school- and private-parties DJ Shog entered several DJ-Contests, which took him to his first residency jobs in the north of Germany. His breakthrough into the world’s music scene came with the start of his own double-cd compilation-series "Technics-DJ-Set".

Artist Tags For DJ Shog

1) Trance 2) Dance 3) Techno 4) Vocal Trance 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For DJ Shog

1) Live 4 Music 2) Rush Hour 3) Another World 4) Tribute 5) Running Water 6) Another World Part Ii (Vocal Mix) 7) Jealousy (Edit) 8) Jealousy (DJ Merlin & DJ C-Bass RMX) 9) Stranger On This Planet 10) Tell Me Why 11) Jealousy (Club Mix) 12) Don't Stop 13) Feel Me (Through The Radio) (Axel Coon Remix Edit) 14) Be the One 15) Stranger On This Planet (Vocal Mix) 16) This Is My Sound (Original Mix Edit) 17) Stranger On This Planet (Instrumental Mix) 18) Jealousy 19) Live 4 Music (Original Edit) 20) Running Water (More Vocal Mix) 21) Another World (Radio Edit) 22) This Is My Sound - CJ Stone Radio Edit 23) This Is My Sound 24) Another World Part II 25) Stranger On This Planet (The Hitmen Remix) 26) Remember December (Paul Miller Remix) 27) Jealousy (Marcel Woods Remix) 28) Surrounded by Your Love 29) This Is My Sound - CJ Stone Rmx 30) Stranger On This Planet (Vocal Edit) 31) Tell Me Why (Club Mix) 32) You know (Album Mix) 33) Don't Stop (Edit) 34) This Is My Sound - Wavescope Remix 35) Running Water (Edit) 36) Running Water (album cut) 37) Ocean Drive 38) On The Road Again (Album Mix) 39) This Is My Sound - Green Court Remix 40) Jealousy (Vocal Mix) 41) Rush Hour (Original Mix) 42) This Is My Sound - Original Extended 43) Jealousy (Denga & Manus Remix) 44) Tell Me Why (Edit) 45) The 2nd Dimension 46) Get Out (Of My Way) (Edit) 47) Tell Me Why (Club Edit) 48) Turn Your Heart 49) Ocean drive (Album Mix) 50) Get Out (Of My Way)

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DJ Shog