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Daal Band

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Daal Band

اعضای گروه «دال»، «امین هدایتی» خواننده، «شایان شکرآبی» پیانیست، آهنگساز و همخوان، «غزل مهدوی» شاعر و ترانه سرا، «میلاد سعدی» و «یزدان بهمنی» نوازنده سازهای کوبه ای، هستند.

Artist Tags For Daal Band

1) Persian 2) Pop 3) Folk 4) Fusion 5) Contemporary

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Daal Band

1) Dancing my song 2) Walk of Ordibehesht 3) Here I Wait 4) Sweetness Of A Dream 5) Seven Cities 6) A Song of Life 7) Boom 8) The Olive Blossoms 9) A Tale 10) The Moment 11) Dar Daste Baad 12) Avazam Ra Miraghsidi (Dancing My Song) 13) Canvas 14) A Tale (Instrumental) 15) Gozare Ordibehesht (Walk of Ordibehesht) 16) Haft Shahr (Seven Cities) 17) Tame Shirine Khiyal (Sweetness of a Dream) 18) Ghesseh (A Tale) 19) The Moment (Instrumental) 20) Fasle Akhar 21) Aan (The Moment) 22) Sheri Ke Zendegist (A Song of Life) 23) The Olive Blossoms (Instrumental) 24) Shokofeh Haye Zeytoon (The Olive Blossoms) 25) Sweetness Of A Dream [Nex1Music.IR] 26) Dancing My Song [Nex1Music.IR] 27) Lahzeh Hara Entezaram (Here I Wait) 28) Walk Of Ordibehesht [Nex1Music.IR] 29) The Olive Blossoms (Instrumental) [Nex1Music.IR] 30) A Song Of Life [Nex1Music.IR] 31) Here I Wait [Nex1Music.IR] 32) Seven Cities [Nex1Music.IR] 33) Canvas [Nex1Music.IR] 34) Shabihe Yek Roya 35) A Tale (Instrumental) [Nex1Music.IR] 36) The Moment (Instrumental) [Nex1Music.IR] 37) Fasle Akhar (Gonjeshkake Ashi Mashi) 38) Tame Shirine Khiyal 39) Daal band - Fasle Akhar 40) Avazam Ra Miraghsidi 41) Sweet Taste of Imagination 42) Haft Shahr 43) Gozare Ordibehesht 44) Gozar Ordibehesht 45) Lahze Hara Entezaram (Shahin Shah Remix) 46) Sweetness Of A Dream ( ) 47) Sheri ke Zendegist 48) Ghesseh 49) Aan 50) The Olive Blossoms (Instrument

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