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Daniel Avery

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Daniel Avery

With weekends spent inside strobelights around the world, the rest of his time is spent locked in a studio full of analogue equipment, exploring the darker corners of a record collection where Chris Carter, Martin Hannett and Kevin Shields are as important as Carl Craig or The Chemical Brothers to the formation of a unique electronic sound. Music under the Stopmakingme monicker turned many heads and drew critical acclaim not least from UK club legend Justin Robertson

Artist Tags For Daniel Avery

1) Techno 2) Electronic 3) House 4) Deep House 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Daniel Avery

1) Drone Logic 2) Knowing We'll Be Here 3) Naive Response 4) Free Floating 5) All I Need 6) Water Jump 7) These Nights Never End 8) Platform Zero 9) Water Jump (Album Version) 10) Simulrec 11) Spring 27 12) New Energy (Live Through It) 13) Slow Fade 14) Projector 15) Need Electric (Album Version) 16) Sensation 17) Need Electric 18) Clear 19) STEREO L 20) First Light 21) Reception 22) Glitter - Jon Hopkins Remix 23) Diminuendo 24) TBW17 25) CITIZEN // NOWHERE 26) Days From Now 27) Quick Eternity - Four Tet Remix 28) Embers 29) Glitter 30) Quick Eternity 31) Fever Dream 32) Knowing We'll Be Here (KiNK remix) 33) A Quiet Life 34) Taste 35) Radius 36) After Dark 37) Sensation (Rrose Remix) - mixed 38) Drone Logic (Factory Floor remix) 39) Knowing we'll be Here - KiNK Remix 40) Knowing We’ll Be Here (Kink Remix) 41) The Eagle 42) All I Need (Roman Flügel remix) 43) Naive Reception 44) Diminuendo - Edit 45) Need Electric (Audion remix) 46) Under The Tallest Arch 47) Glass 48) Free Floating (Matt Walsh remix) 49) Taste (Special Request remix) 50) Hyper Detail

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