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Dean Evenson

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson is a New Age musician and producer. He plays several instruments including the flute, percussion, synthesizer and keyboards. In the New Age genre, his music is generally sounds of nature combined with flute melodies and other instruments for ambient and meditative purposes. In 1979, he and his wife, harpist Dudley Evenson founded the independent record company, "Soundings of the Planet" outside of Tucson, AZ. He has collaborated with many other artists as a producer and musician

Artist Tags For Dean Evenson

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Meditation 4) Meditative Music 5) Peaceful

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dean Evenson

1) Deep Night 2) Floating to Forever 3) Eagle, Salmon, Swirl 4) Open Heaven's Door, I Want to Calm Within 5) Saguaro 6) Mossing Around 7) Inner Space 8) Stream of Blessing 9) Prayer 10) To Tree Or Not To Tree 11) Far Away Within 12) Sunrise 13) Desert Moon 14) Quietly Floating Home 15) Listening To The Heart 16) Future Stock 17) Spirit of Water 18) Will You Hear Me 19) Mending Your Own Mind 20) Night Waves 21) Sacred Alignment 22) Stillness at Midnight 23) Rolling on Forever 24) Water You Talking About 25) Root Chakra - Primal Support 26) Deep Forest 27) Thunder Streams 28) Washed With Love 29) Root Chakra 30) Lighten Up 31) Calming Insight Of Ourselves 32) Trade Winds 33) Native Tongue 34) Third Eye Chakra - Light Vision 35) Chakra Balancing - Merging All 36) Center of My Heart 37) Clearing In The Air 38) A Moment to Carry You Forever 39) One More Ripple Effect 40) Dream Space 41) Sacral Chakra 42) Leaf Well Enough Alone 43) Lightly Salted 44) Waves of Fulfilling 45) Solar Chakra 46) Sunstream 47) Sacral Chakra - Creative Union 48) Rejuvenate Soul 49) Branching Out 50) Spirit of the Wind

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