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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Descendents

Descendents is an American punk rock band from Lomita, California formed in 1978 by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. They are known for being one of the early bands in the hardcore punk scene to sing instead about more personal and comical topics reflective of their own lives. Shortly after forming they enlisted Milo Aukerman and made what started out a surf band into a full fledged punk unit. Descendents have diverged from their punk peers

Artist Tags For Descendents

1) Punk 2) Punk Rock 3) Hardcore Punk 4) Pop Punk 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Descendents

1) Suburban Home 2) Hope 3) I'm Not a Loser 4) Myage 5) Bikeage 6) I Wanna Be A Bear 7) I'm the One 8) I'm Not a Punk 9) Parents 10) Kabuki Girl 11) Catalina 12) Tonyage 13) Marriage 14) Everything Sux 15) Statue of Liberty 16) Jean Is Dead 17) Coffee Mug 18) 'Merican 19) Silly Girl 20) M-16 21) When I Get Old 22) Good Good Things 23) Nothing With You 24) Sick-O-Me 25) Pervert 26) Rotting Out 27) I Don't Want to Grow Up 28) She Loves Me 29) Caught 30) We 31) Coolidge 32) Doghouse 33) Descendents 34) Thank You 35) This Place 36) Cool to Be You 37) Hateful Notebook 38) Talking 39) I Won't Let Me 40) Christmas Vacation 41) Clean Sheets 42) She Don't Care 43) My Dad Sucks 44) Blast Off 45) Rockstar 46) No FB 47) Theme 48) Dog and Pony Show 49) Can't Go Back 50) Dreams

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